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I'll start my first forums announcement off by thanking everyone for the warm welcome. I'm excited to get to know all of you in the coming months. If anyone has questions about me, why I'm here, what I'll be doing, or really anything, feel free to shoot me a message here or on Discord (Evergreen#7184). I generally reply within 24 hours.

Second up for today's announcement: congratulations to all of the new staff, and all staff who were recently promoted! You can see our current staff list here.

We are looking for new staff members, and the requirements and guide have been updated. Remember activity in-game is a must, and you're also expected to be mature, kind, and professional. You need to be in good standing with the community to become staff.

I am currently going through the standing staff applications with help from the admins (thank you!) so decisions on those are being made and will continue coming. We'll be welcoming some more new staff very soon!

All purchase help requests will be responded to within the next few days. If you've made a purchase and it hasn't arrived within, at most, 3 days, message me.

Now, for the rules! All updated rules go into affect today (6.14.18) at 5:00 PM EST. The main guidelines are the same, however some punishment times have been changed and rules have a new format.

Official Discord rules have also been posted, but there's nothing different from the current Discord rules - only a rules page on forums.

Cheers to a bright future here !
Kindest Regards,
- Evergreen​
Mario + Zelda are being merged and Mario is resetting come June 22nd 2pm EDT.

We will be doing a $2500 FTOP Paypal payout for the top 3 factions.
It will be a 6 week season with the 1st week being building and the following 5 weeks being TNT enabled.
1. $1250 - $250 a week.
2. $750 - $150 a week.
3. $500 - $100 a week.
Payments will be sent out weekly and the Faction leader will be able to set their Paypal email by using the command /f setpaypal

We will be releasing custom enchants and the system will be as follows:

There are three tiers of enchantments available, Uncommon, Rare and Mythic. You can obtain an enchantment by successfully applying an enchantment book containing the enchantment to an item by dragging and dropping it on to the item in your inventory.
Every enchantment book has two chances, a success rate and a destroy rate. The success rate is the chance that the book will apply to the item successfully and the destroy rate is the chance that the item will be destroyed if the enchantment fails to apply. The enchantment book will always be destroyed when attempting to enchant regardless of if the success or destroy rate is met.
You can purchase enchantment books via the Enchanter NPC at spawn or by using the /enchanter command. This will allow you to buy generic enchantment tier books for XP that you can uncover to reveal a random enchantment in that tier. Each tier book costs a different amount of XP.
If you want to apply a rare enchantment book to an item that has a high destroy rate but don’t want to risk your item being destroyed, you can protect your item with a White Scroll. The protection will remain until you attempt to apply an enchantment and hit the destroy rate, in which case the item will not be destroyed however the protected status will be removed. White Scrolls are available in crates and for a small fee on the server store....

After the long competitive season of Zelda its finally come time to announce winners. Thank you all for your support! If your Faction didn't make the cut then I would try a bit harder next time we have rewards like these.


#1: $300 --> SpawnerKings
#2: $150 --> Brazil
#3: $50 --> NoMercy


As previously announced, we plan on Revamping Mario in the near future. Prior to the Revamp we will have Beta Testing that way any game changing bugs will be fixed before full release. As it currently stands, we have no set date for Mario's full release or Beta Testing. However just know we have NOT forgot about you guys and we plan on doing a lot of great things for ArcadeWars!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter here for teasers and more before everyone else!

As most of you factions players have been waiting on, we have brought you some exciting news. If you haven’t already noticed we’ve been hyping up a lot for this summer. Now that we’ve got a bunch of plans in motion for you guys shortly, it’s about time we tell you what we’ve been doing behind the scenes. We will be revamping Mario. Yup, Mario factions will have a bunch of brand new content coming to it. More news regarding what exactly is coming, stay tuned!

What does that mean?
It means you can expect to see a lot of brand new content. This doesn’t just mean “Hey look at this cool new feature we added for a revamp”. But instead, This revamp will be packed with a bunch of features you guys can do so that you won’t get bored with your money. Not only that, but we will have Beta testing before the full release of Mario. During this beta testing week players can hop on and test out the new features. Players can earn rewards by finding the most bugs. There is still no set date for our Beta release, so stay tuned!

Alright now lets talk about the Zelda rewards! With the long competition going on for quite some time now, we decided that it’s just about time to announce the winners. Don’t worry, we won’t be announcing the winners just yet, instead we are giving you guys a one week notice. In exactly one week from now, we will be announcing winners for the Zelda FTOP Competition. If you guys can’t remember what was at stake here’s a reminder.

#1: $300
#2: $150
#3: $50
*Choice of either a Amazon gift card or voucher



Hey Arcaders! We are back with yet another exciting event! This time it will be a Maze event! For those of you that don’t know what a Maze is, it’s pretty self explanatory. All of you Arcaders will start off at the very beginning of the maze. From there you will have to navigate your way through all the dust and rubble to get to the end. But here’s the catch… We have added TRAPS!!!! Not only will you have be faster then all of your other friends, but you also don’t want to die. If you die then you will have to start the maze completely over. Keep in mind only 5 people will be rewarded so get there fast!


First Place
MazeRunner Tag + 5x Tier 5 Crate Keys + Gkit of choice or Rank upgrade

Second Place
MazeRunner Tag + 3x Tier 5 Crate Keys + Trail of choice + Tag of choice

Third Place
MazeRunner Tag + Trail of choice or Tag Color

Fourth Place
MazeRunner Tag + Tag of choice or Tag Color

Fifth Place
MazeRunner Tag + Tag of choice


Every event from now on will be hosted on the Event server; as for the timing and day?

Saturday May 12th @ 3PM PST / 4PM MST / 5PM CST / 6PM EST / 11PM GMT


Let’s take a look at the Maze!

(Special thanks to TS_Panda & Triggmysta for the build)
(Shader Shots by Warrior0fFaith)


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Yup, with the beloved support /server event use to get, we decided to bring it back. Many of you Gamers have been wanting more events, and this is the first of many on the event server. We will continue to have more events as time goes by (Obviously with your support). To show your support for more events, simply show up for events, as well as request new event ideas for the future. Because after all, we want you guys to enjoy it!

JADE KOTH??!!?!?
Yes. As you may have already seen from our Twitter we have brought a fresh new build to ArcadeWars yet again. JADE KOTH! This koth is similar to our older koth setups. It's a PVP oriented KOTH (King Of The Hill) which players have to capture in order to win the grand prize. But it's not as easy as it sounds. There will only be one winner, and one winner ONLY! However its not just that, we added a little twist on this one.
NOTE: Teaming is not allowed and will result in disqualification!

We now will have 50+ loot chests randomly spawned around the koth. These chests will offer different kinds of loot. It could be something like Custom Potions to something insanely OP like a Sharpness 8 Shovel!!! Lets take a look at the random chests that will be scattered around the koth!

Common Chests (White):
5 chests contain > Diamond Helmet with Protection 4, Unbreaking 4
5 chests contain > Diamond Chestplate with Protection 4,...

Saturday April 7th @ 2PM PST / 3PM MST / 4PM CST/ 5PM EST/ 9PM GMT

What's this Karaoke Event?
This Karaoke event is for those gifted with the ability to sing. For newcomers this is a Event that requires no in game skill. So if you keep getting dropped in PVP pay attention! On our discord server we will allow anyone and everyone to participate in the event. All you have to do is private message a Admin your name and what song you will sing and when the event starts you will then reserve your spot on the list to sing. We will allow any song that is appropriate for the most part. If you don't want to sing its always fun listening to others try as well. Keep in mind there will be juicy prizes as per usual. So you definitely don't want to miss out!

Where is it?
This ones pretty simple. Karaoke will be ran on our very own ArcadeWars Discord Server. If you have not already joined make sure to join here. Once the time for the event has come all of you Gamers will be gathered in the same channel for the everlasting fun to commence!

#1: $50 Store voucher + Karaoke tag
#2: $25 Store voucher + Karaoke tag
#3: $10 Store voucher + Karaoke tag

Whats to come?
Get yourself ready for a bunch of new content that will be coming to ArcadeWars. As most of you already know, we have bunch planned for ArcadeWars future. It may take a little longer then anticipated, but it will definitely be worth while in the end. So make sure to stick around for the brand new content!

Stay in touch with...


We are bringing back the beloved Kirby Universe this Friday. Kirby is going to be loaded with lots of new features. As you might have already figured out, Kirby and Sonic share a bunch of brand new features. However, Kirby and Sonic themes are going to create a whole new creative atmosphere. You can expect to see the fun never stop!


New Features:

-Vote Party
-Crate changes
-Custom Islands
-Farm based economy
-New Kirby Spawn!!

Let all your friends know that Kirby reset is coming soon enough!


Skyblock: Scamming is now allowed. Due to many reasons for the removal of our previous way to check who scammed who. We have now allowed it. There's no ways of checking who scammed who. However that doesn't mean staff can scam players. Still no IRL scamming!

Factions: With TNT enabling soon, we came out with some new rules to balance raiding and cannoning.
The updated Faction Rules can be found

Release Date:

March 2nd 6pm EST

For more News follow us on Twitter HERE!

You may be wondering why we are revamping Sonic so soon. Well as you can see by the current status of Sonic it went through some unexpected backend issues that were out of our control. Our previous Devs left a bunch of bugs to be fixed. Nevertheless, this revamp will be packed with loads of brand new features!

New Features Include:

- CoinFlip
- Vote Party
- SellWands
- Crate changes
- Custom Islands
- Farm based economy

Get ready and tell all your friends that Sonic reset is coming soon!

Release Date:

February 24th 6pm EST

For more teasers and news like that go follow us on Twitter HERE!

The long battle for the best faction is coming to a close.
As most of you have caught on, we will be bringing Zelda to ArcadeWars!

A lot of you might be wondering "What is Zelda? Well Zelda will be another faction server that has many exotic features.


-Vote Party
-Coin Flip
-Silent TNT
-Spawner Upgrades
-Improved Custom Enchantments
-Improved SellWand
-Trenching Pickaxe
-And more to Come!

This new server will have all sorts of things to do. So you won't run out of fun stuff to do.

For those die hard Mario players who don't want a fresh start with new features we will be putting Mario into legacy mode.

Meaning there will be no updates to Mario but you still will be able to play.

FTOP Rewards for Zelda:

1st: $300
2nd: $150
3rd: $50
Choice of either a Amazon gift card or Voucher

Note: Any ranks from Mario will transfer over to Zelda


February 23rd 6pm EST

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Then follow us on twitter here to get exclusive looks at what's to come!

@ArcadeWarsMC -