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Hello Gamers!

As most of you know, ArcadeWars has been going through some big changes lately. Let's get into it!

Mario and Sonic Revamps

Our team has been hard at work for the past few weeks to bring you completely reworked Factions and Skyblock experiences!

Some big features:

-New Economies
-New plugins
-Updated chat colors
-Bug fixes

More information and features will be released soon! Until release, both Mario and Sonic will be offline so that we can work on them.

Release date:
Saturday, March 9th

Staff Team Changes

Recently the ArcadeWars staff team has also had some big changes come to it.

Staff Applications
Staff applications have been moved back to forums. Applications can be filled out here

New Rank Order
Helper -> Mod -> Sr. Mod -> Admin -> Operator -> Community Manager -> Owner

Staff Members
Staff members will now be assigned to specific universes. Staff ranks will still be global but, staff assigned to a universe will be mainly focused on their universe. This will allow our team to work more efficiently when it comes to universe specific issues and will ultimately let you, the players enjoy the server more. Staff permissions have also been updated to allow staff to do their jobs as effectively as possible. This also reduces the possibility of them making a mistake that negatively affects a player.

Thank you!
Hope to see you at release. Stay tuned for more information about future updates and join our discord to stay up to date with the latest news.

-ArcadeWars Administrative team.

Greetings Gamers
It's been a very hectic week for the Administration team, we have been looking at all the bug reports & feedback that was given to us. We must say that we are pretty impressed with your constructive feedback and have therefore decided to start with weekly changelogs. I will be writing ChangeLog for each gamemode and have it's own section for each server in this post. With that being said, let's get this party rolling!

New Features
  • /f Inspect
  • F-Top bot in discord
  • Auto selling harvester hoes
  • Envoys
Updated Features
  • Custom enchants have been sorted to make them less overpowered
  • Updated cannon jar
  • Updated economy without silverfish
  • Fixed printer without bedrock duping/glitching
  • Updated Crates System
    • 5 Tiers of Crates, chance to roll each tier per key
  • GKits, Boss Mobs, Crate Rewards, and ranks have been redone
  • Faction player count and power has been raised
Removed Features
  • Silverfish Spawners from the economy
  • Money pouches have been removed from buycraft
  • Spawners are no longer able to be purchased on buycraft

MobCoin Shop
  • Removed Ocelot Spawners
  • Removed Silverfish Spawners
  • Added Iron Golem Spawners (300 MobCoins)
  • Villager Spawners (1000 -> 600 MobCoins)
  • Island Upgrade Token (150 -> 200 MobCoins)
  • Removed JellyLegs
  • Fly Permission (2500 -> 1500 MobCoins)
  • Added 24 Hours of Fly (150 MobCoins)
  • Added Sell Wands (25 Use) (500 MobCoins)
  • Added Harvester Hoes (25 Use) (500 MobCoins)
  • Added Mob Hoppers (4x) (100 MobCoins)
  • Added Crop Hoppers (4x) (100 MobCoins)
New Features
  • Season Pass: This season, we are introducing the Sonic Season Pass.
    • 50 Tiers (Each Tier costs more MobCoins to upgrade than the previous)
    • Free and Paid versions (Paid version has better rewards)
    • Special Chat Tag correlating to your...

Factions (Mario) - January 19th, 3PM EST.

Skyblock (Sonic) - January 26th, 3PM EST.

Prison (Pacman) - January 26th, 5PM EST.

For this reset we have decided to get a trailer out for you all, that way you can preview our cool new builds and some of the features we will be having.

Anyone with a youtube channel can re-upload the trailer to receive two crate keys on any of the servers (Mario, Sonic or Pacman) For more information about reuploading please join our Discord and look for the #reupload channel!

Hey Gamers!
Feeling dauntless?

In light of our highly anticipated Factions release on January 19th, 2019, we will be hosting a KoTH event this Saturday! You'll get enchanted armor and weaponry along with potions for your kit! However, we've also hidden chests around the map with more advanced weapons and armor!

Event Date: Saturday, January 12th, 2019
Event Time: 2pm PST | 3pm MST | 4pm | CST | 5pm EST | 10pm GMT

There will only be ONE winner; who will earn $25 Buycraft for their faction!
Use this opportunity to help your faction get ahead in the coming season!

As per usual, teaming is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and you will be eliminated from the event.

May the odds be ever in your favor. Good luck!

Here's a sneak peak at the event build designed by our build team!
Build Team: Pundora_, Triggmysta, Sunnies, Manos2400, Samson_HK, SuzySnowflake, Ilyriaa


Hey Gamers, we have some big changes for Sonic to announce. We will be changing the map length to 5 weeks and go with weekly payouts PAYPAL ONLY. The reason for this is that we want to bring more competition to the server and we feel like this will be a good move for the Skyblock players.


The is top prizes will be:

$150 paypal for 1st
$100 paypal for 2nd
$50 paypal for 3rd

If you have any questions or regards then please do not hesitate to contact me. Do not forget to tell your friends!

Thanks for now, Halvar.
Greetings Gamers!
Happy New Years everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful New Years eve with your family and friends, we at the ArcadeWars team have quite a few interesting news for you today!

Pacman is Officially Back and better then ever, throughout the season we’ll be adding weekly new updates, like this one!

Prison Server Quests!
This Season we have decided NOT to do Payouts for PRISON! The reason for this is because we wanted to see how the server would go and whether the community liked the return of Pacman.

But! Don’t give your hopes up! Depending on how this season goes, we may be adding Payouts into next season, so keep an eye out for that!

We’ve taken the basic idea of Prison but put a twist on it!
Instead of having multiple different mines for each letter in the alphabet, we decided to go for something a little more unique! Tiered Mines!

What are Tiered mines?
Within Pacman, there are 6 different tiers. Each Tier has its own mine, shop & sell prices.
Once you have completed the final Tier (6, Mine Z) you have the option to prestige.
However, be aware that if you do choose to prestige there are after effects! Ranging From:
  • Balance Reset
  • Minimized sell prices
Upgradable Furnaces!
Fresh Crates System!

With this revamped version of the crate system there will no longer be different tiers of keys. Instead there will be one key...
Greetings Arcaders!

The long awaited release of Season four factions is finally over, the server will be released to the public on 19th January 2019 The countdown can be looked at here >

We've also reviewed many suggestions that have been made through the discord and have added the ones which we seem fit the style of the server, such as adding back sell wands! More suggestions will be looked through so we can make it a better experience for everyone!

Now onto the changes for this season; this season we will be reverting back to Season two enchants, G-Kits will be nerfed (Mew-Two Kit, Pikachu Kit, Charzard Kit, Rayquaza Kit, Mudkip Kit, King and Legend ) and crates will be getting reworked; we’re going to be making this season the funnest yet!

The economy is designed to be more rigorous and more rewarding to manual farms at the beginning of the reset, Cactus is disabled completely, so it's a cane / spawner eco

Firstly, we will be opening the server again on;

19th January 2019

The maps will last 4 weeks including a 1 week grace period where TNT, Creepers and other forms of raiding will be disabled.


We will be offering a weekly prize as follows;

First Place : $150 Paypal // $110 Buycraft
Second Place : $100 Paypal // $90 Buycraft
Third Place : $50 Paypal // $75 Buycraft
Fourth Place : $20 Paypal // $50 Buycraft
Fifth Place : $10 Paypal // $30 Buycraft

Fly is disabled for the first hour of release.
The Overworld will have a 5,000 x 5,000 border
The Nether will have a 2,500 x 2,500 border
The End will have a 2,500 x 2,500 border
The Stoneage will have a 2,500 x 2500 border
50 Members per faction. 100 power per player
Maximum of 1 truce per faction

50% sale active on our...​

Greetings Gamers!

I hope you all are enjoying your break, we are almost in a new year! I am pretty excited for 2019, and it will be a crazy year for ArcadeWars.With that being said, let’s move on to what the topic of this post;

If you are not familiar with what maintenance mode is, then this is a term we use when we put all the servers in down time for a set period of time. This means you are not able to play any of the servers (Mario and Sonic), do not worry we will keep EVERYONE updated on what is happening and new cool features that are being added to the server.

That is not it though, we will be keeping the legendary Event Universe online throughout the whole maintenance where we will be hosting events and keeping the FFA, duels, and parkour minigames up and running for you all to play on while you are waiting. If you enjoyed the last event we had then you have a lot to be excited for this time as well!


Now for the part of a estimated time, we do not have a SET time as of right now. But we are aiming for a reset within a maximum of one month, this does not mean it will take one month to revamp the servers, it can take less time. Which is why we do not want to set a date yet, but we will hopefully have a set date by the next few days. We will be keeping you updated on our Discord server for most of the time, you can join by clicking this link: we will be updating on the website and twitter as well!


Greeting Arcadians,

Wait, is that the sound of Christmas break? That's right, it is the time of the year where we celebrate christmas with our family and friends! I have quite a few excited announcments that I am going to tell you about today, firstly. You may wonder, who is LegendDev?

I will be more then happy to answer that question for you - I go by Legend/Halvar, I am the new project leader for ArcadeWars! Excited right? I will be working my hardest to get the server and community back together to what it once was, with that being said I introduce @Huli our brand new Developer! HuliPvP is a funny guy to talk with so I do not doubt that you will have a laugh when you meet him, but not only that he is a talented Developer.

There are quite a few things you can expect from us during the holidays! We care most about the community, we would like to hear your suggestions/feedback on how we can make ArcadeWars to the best possible server. The first weeks I and Huli are going to get to know the community and by understanding how the server works, you can expect small updates/sneak peaks of new features that can come.

As for a server reset, we are aware of that the server isn't in the best shape at the moment - we do not have any plans for a reset in the upcoming weeks, we would like to get to know the server first and understand the game play before we move on with a reset for the players. To our knowledge the past resets haven't been the best either which is why we want to top that and make our debut with a good confidence from the players.

Friendly reminder, this does not mean we will not be reseting the server, it is just a reminder of that we do not have any dates planned yet!

This weekend we will be having a bunch of fun before the holiday....


I would first like to start with a giant thank you to all you amazing players that have stuck with us. We recognize the current state of ArcadeWars is not good, and we want to change that. In order to do so we have the old management team back, and a new developer. We really want to change the server dramatically for you guys to enjoy again. So please, continue to stick with us!

Bug fixes
Due to the massive amount of bugs, we will be creating a long document of bugs that need attention. Since we don’t want to miss any bugs, please comment bugs here with the correct format!

New content coming
Once we have the bugs fixed we will begin adding new content as well as polling the players to see what you guys want. After looking at the current state of ArcadeWars and talking to the players, I’ve noticed a lot of people wanting the old ArcadeWars. But instead of jumping into conclusions we will be polling you guys for the best game-play experience. Just like the bugs section we also have created a content thread here for you guys to discuss what you guys want!

Rule changes
Racism, Discrimination, and Harassment: [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 24 Hour Mute
- Harassing another person or making inappropriate (vulgar) remarks. This is generally left up to the discretion of the staff member online at the time.

Encouraging Rule Breaking: [] Warning [] 15 Minute Mute[] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour...