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Important Information

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since you've seen the Pac-Man Prison Server here on ArcadeWars, after weeks of planning and working on things we are excited to announce that we will be releasing our Revamped Pac-Man realm this weekend!

Server Information
Pac-Man Releases on August 28th at 3pm EST/8pm BST

General Information
Max Players Per Gang : 20 Players
Mining Based Economy
A-Z Mines
Donator Mines

Key Features

Private Mines -
Players will be able to access their own private mine where they can break blocks in peace.

OmniTool Mining -
Players will start with an upgradable OmniTool. OmniTools will allow players to break any type of mine blocks without the need to switch between tools. OmniTools can be upgraded through the use of gem stones.

Gem Stones -
Gem stones carry different custom enchantments that can be added to a player’s OmniTool. Gems come with the chance of being withered when attempting to add them to an OmniTool so be careful!

Gem Scrolls -
Gem scrolls come with the ability to repair withered gem stones. Players will have to apply three gem scrolls to a gem stone for a chance to repair it.

XP System -
Players will be able to obtain XP by mining blocks. XP can be spent in the XP shop

XP Shop -
In the XP shop players will be able to buy special items such as gem scrolls, pouches, buffs and more.

Gangs -
We have implemented gangs to Pac-Man for this season. Gangs will be able to work together towards upgrades and compete for top gang positions. Gangs will start with a maximum member count of five which can be upgraded along with the gang E-Token multiplier and the gang sell multiplier.

Plots -...​

We know how much you guys have been anticipating a Skyblock release/revamp. With that being said I am happy to announce that we will be releasing Sonic on August 14th 2021! This has been a long time coming and we are excited to show you what we have worked on.

Changes and Features:

Brand New Bosses

We're excited to bring you this new feature to ArcadeWars as we know PvP hasn't always been our strong point we've now added Tiered bosses that spawn in PvP every 4 hours! Defeat them and make it out alive for rewards that are well worth it!


A common feature most people know and love is Quest and Challenges. Throughout the Skyblock Sonic Reset you'll be able to complete a variety of different quest/challenges to earn ingame rewards.

Revamped Island Permissions

While working on this revamp we looked into previous resets and the permission issues that occurred during them, well we're here to tell you no more! Island permissions have been revamped/fixed!

Black Market Auctions

There's a new guy in town! The sneaky black market auctioneer will show up randomly around spawn once every 6 hours with some unique items up for auction, be on alert for his announcement in chat as once his items are sold he won't come back for another 6 hours!

Reworked Spawners and Economy

This season we've decided to completely rework the economy to something more sustainable after careful thought and consideration we've hopefully got something great in store for you guys! We've also patched all of the previous spawner issues!

Introducing Map Points

This new feature was suggested by one of your very own! Map points! You gain these each week by winning Island top. It is a prefix which goes before the Rank. 1st - 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point. Each week they add on and when the...​

I have a brief announcement for ALL of you!
Let's kick it off with our NEW tags available NOW to purchase here!

(You can also purchase unbans now)


Up next, the return of Crystal Crates!

As many of you know, the stone upgrades harbored a bunch of overpowering bugs which made it very difficult to PVP as a regular ranked player. So, in order to keep the server bug free, we decided to do away with Stone Upgrades (for the time being) and replace it with the old enchanting system! You can find the new Crystal Crate NPC @ /spawn along with the new Stones Vendor located in the old Stone Upgrade system location.
(return your stones for 10k ea)


(Saturday, the 28th @ 6PM PST / 9PM EST)

How do I participate? How does this work?
Well, if you have some vocal skill and want to show off, you can join the Discord and we will go through all of the players that want to participate. You DON'T have to sing + you can sit in and listen to the contestants! You can join the Discord here!

What are the rewards?
Well dependent on a number of contestants; the rewards will range from global kits to global ranks for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!


Staff Team Changelog...

If you haven't already figured out, we released a few ranks over the week!
Which obviously is packed with some juicy benefits; including multiple kits along with some amazing exclusive perks and even more!!!

Mario - Bowser / Tier 7 - $270 $148.50
Sonic - Silver / Tier 6 - $219.95 $120.97
Sonic - Omega / Tier 7 - $299.95 $164.97

Kirby - Whispy / Tier 6 - $219.95 $120.97
Kirby - Kracko / Tier 7 - $299.95 $164.97

You can check them out here!

Let's get on to the promised weekly event!

WINNER: Ampower

As many of you are aware, we have been testing random KOTH events throughout
the last few days, gathering your feedback and applying them accordingly! We feel pretty strong in announcing a VOUCHER KOTH EVENT which will take place this Saturday.

What is KOTH exactly?

Well, for the ones that don't know; KOTH stands for King of the Hill! A game mode revolved around strategic PVP! Your only goal is to capture the hill by simply staying within the designated zone, it will take exactly 1 minute to capture the hill, but the downside is that you will have to face a TON of players! As it is a FFA event, anyone that decides to team up or stay truced; will automatically be disqualified IF he/she is the winner.

What is inside of the KOTH kit?
A full set of Protection IV & Unbreaking III w/ a Sharpness V sword
2x sets of PVP pots (Strength, Speed, & Regen)
Along with an inventory of Splash HP pots


What time will the event take place?