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The long awaited release of the Sonic Universe is finally here! In this new update of Sonic there will be newly added content that you guys have never seen before. We’ve also been listening to the community and what you guys have had in mind for the server. With that being said let’s get into the details of this new map!​

In this map of Sonic we will be having payouts, but we are changing the way they are being done this time around. Last season there was a lot of confusion with payouts and how they were going to be done due to cheaters and a lot of bugs that could have easily been exploited, this time we’ll be watching carefully and making sure none of that happens and no one gets away with it.
The good news is that this time around we are giving out $1000 Paypal + 400 buycraft in the span of 4 weeks to the top 3 islands, as you can see the prizes that are shown below.​

Weekly Payout
First Place : $150 Paypal // $50 Buycraft
Second Place : $65 Paypal // $35 Buycraft
Third Place : $35 Paypal // $15 Buycraft

Total Payout
First Place : $600 Paypal // $200 Buycraft
Second Place : $260 Paypal // $240 Buycraft
Third Place : $140 Paypal // $60 Buycraft​

I am excited to finally announce some of the new features coming to the Sonic realm, some of these you’ve never seen before on ArcadeWars, with that being said let’s get right into it!​

Jobs & Shards System
Jobs are specific tasks like mining, fishing, or farming that players can complete to receive a currency called shards which can be used in the /shardshop. Every time a job is completed, it gives separate ‘job experience’ - 1 to 15...
Its been a while since the last time that you've heard from us but believe me a lot has happened since then!
We've upgraded the old system used on Arcade Wars to a newer and much more expandable version. Before you ask, we've tried to keep as much of the content as close as the original content as possible for that nostalgic ArcadeWars feel!

With that all said, Welcome to Season 6!

Server Information
Factions Mario Release 3pm EST, March 30th

30 Man Factions
3 Second Cannons
20 Chunk Buffers
Sugarcane Economy
$2000 FTOP Prize - $1000 PayPal , $1000 BuyCraft
Custom Enchants - No Debuffs

PayOut Info
There is a total prize of $2000.

There will be two payouts in total. Each faction is required to set an email to claim paypal rewards, you can do this with the command /f setpaypal. These will be paid shortly after being announced in discord each week. The map will last 21 days with a 7 day grace period followed by a period of two weeks of TNT.

Screenshots will be taken at 5pm EST and will be paid out soon after. Factions will be unable to place FTOP value 2 days before payouts on Saturday.

Weekly Payout
First Place - $300 Paypal -- $250 Buycraft
Second Place - $150 Paypal -- $150 Buycraft
Third Place - $50 Paypal -- $100 Buycraft

Total Payout
First Place - $600 Paypal -- $500 Buycraft
Second Place - $300 Paypal -- $300 Buycraft
Third Place - $100...

I have a brief announcement for ALL of you!
Let's kick it off with our NEW tags available NOW to purchase here!

(You can also purchase unbans now)


Up next, the return of Crystal Crates!

As many of you know, the stone upgrades harbored a bunch of overpowering bugs which made it very difficult to PVP as a regular ranked player. So, in order to keep the server bug free, we decided to do away with Stone Upgrades (for the time being) and replace it with the old enchanting system! You can find the new Crystal Crate NPC @ /spawn along with the new Stones Vendor located in the old Stone Upgrade system location.
(return your stones for 10k ea)


(Saturday, the 28th @ 6PM PST / 9PM EST)

How do I participate? How does this work?
Well, if you have some vocal skill and want to show off, you can join the Discord and we will go through all of the players that want to participate. You DON'T have to sing + you can sit in and listen to the contestants! You can join the Discord here!

What are the rewards?
Well dependent on a number of contestants; the rewards will range from global kits to global ranks for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!


Staff Team Changelog...

If you haven't already figured out, we released a few ranks over the week!
Which obviously is packed with some juicy benefits; including multiple kits along with some amazing exclusive perks and even more!!!

Mario - Bowser / Tier 7 - $270 $148.50
Sonic - Silver / Tier 6 - $219.95 $120.97
Sonic - Omega / Tier 7 - $299.95 $164.97

Kirby - Whispy / Tier 6 - $219.95 $120.97
Kirby - Kracko / Tier 7 - $299.95 $164.97

You can check them out here!

Let's get on to the promised weekly event!

WINNER: Ampower

As many of you are aware, we have been testing random KOTH events throughout
the last few days, gathering your feedback and applying them accordingly! We feel pretty strong in announcing a VOUCHER KOTH EVENT which will take place this Saturday.

What is KOTH exactly?

Well, for the ones that don't know; KOTH stands for King of the Hill! A game mode revolved around strategic PVP! Your only goal is to capture the hill by simply staying within the designated zone, it will take exactly 1 minute to capture the hill, but the downside is that you will have to face a TON of players! As it is a FFA event, anyone that decides to team up or stay truced; will automatically be disqualified IF he/she is the winner.

What is inside of the KOTH kit?
A full set of Protection IV & Unbreaking III w/ a Sharpness V sword
2x sets of PVP pots (Strength, Speed, & Regen)
Along with an inventory of Splash HP pots


What time will the event take place?