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What is 'SPLEEF'?
It's pretty straightforward, you will spawn in a lobby area; waiting for my go ahead, you will be brought to a snowy platform. Before it starts, you will notice that you are wielding a pretty overpowered shovel. Your goal and only goal is to survive and knock the players out from underneath the snowy platform. There are multiple layers, which each level going downwards, getting harder and harder in difficulty. Leading to your inevitable doom by a pool of lava or your victorious upbringing!

Where is this located and when is this going to happen?
We will continue to use the Event server for all upcoming events; as for the timing and day?
Saturday @ 3PM PST / 4PM MST / 5PM CST/ 6PM EST/ 11PM GMT

What are the voucher prizes?
1st - Spleefmaster Tag + Tier 5 Global Rank
2nd - Spleefer Tag + Tier 4 Global Rank
3rd - Spleefer Tag + Tier 3 Global Rank
4th - Spleefer Tag + Tier 2 Global Rank
5th - Spleefer Tag + Tier 1 Global Rank


Another thing!
I'll be awarding the upcoming winner of the next 3 Events in a row, a special tag, Global Rank, and any Global Kit of his or her choice!
The streaking winner will be posted/updated every event announcement!

I've got some special news for all of you!

We are currently hosting a SPOOKY DISCOUNT of 75%!
In order to make way for the NEW Global Ranks, we had to change a few things around, which coincidentally makes WAY more sense for the Mario community!

Let's dive in!

Legacy Rank Name Changes:
Tier 1 = Classic -> Toad
Tier 2 = Retro -> Troopa
Tier 3 = PoweredUp -> Yoshi
Tier 4 = Coinmaster -> Wario

Global Rank Additions:
Tier 1 = Pixel -> $30.00 $7.50
Tier 2 = Classic -> $65.00 $16.25
Tier 3 = Retro -> $135.00 $33.75
Tier 4 = PoweredUp -> $225.00 $56.25
Tier 5 = Coinmaster -> $339.95 $84.99
Tier 6 = OverPowered -> $494.95 $123.74
Tier 7 = Dominator -> $794.95 $198.74

Each Global Rank comes PACKED with a ton of features including corresponding tier rank benefits, an exclusive tag, crate keys for both FACTIONS and SKYBLOCK, along with a Global Kit & much more.

To check out the rest of the perks and features, click here!
(You won't be disappointed ;))

With ALL of that in mind, we also released a set of Global Kits that we would LOVE to give you quick sneak peek to!



For more information on all of the kits, go ahead and click here!

Before you go, there will be an...

If you haven't already figured out, we released a few ranks over the week!
Which obviously is packed with some juicy benefits; including multiple kits along with some amazing exclusive perks and even more!!!

Mario - Bowser / Tier 7 - $270 $148.50
Sonic - Silver / Tier 6 - $219.95 $120.97
Sonic - Omega / Tier 7 - $299.95 $164.97

Kirby - Whispy / Tier 6 - $219.95 $120.97
Kirby - Kracko / Tier 7 - $299.95 $164.97

You can check them out here!

Let's get on to the promised weekly event!

WINNER: Ampower

As many of you are aware, we have been testing random KOTH events throughout
the last few days, gathering your feedback and applying them accordingly! We feel pretty strong in announcing a VOUCHER KOTH EVENT which will take place this Saturday.

What is KOTH exactly?

Well, for the ones that don't know; KOTH stands for King of the Hill! A game mode revolved around strategic PVP! Your only goal is to capture the hill by simply staying within the designated zone, it will take exactly 1 minute to capture the hill, but the downside is that you will have to face a TON of players! As it is a FFA event, anyone that decides to team up or stay truced; will automatically be disqualified IF he/she is the winner.

What is inside of the KOTH kit?
A full set of Protection IV & Unbreaking III w/ a Sharpness V sword
2x sets of PVP pots (Strength, Speed, & Regen)
Along with an inventory of Splash HP pots


What time will the event take place?
Hey Gamers!
I wanted to kick off October with a spooky themed parkour event!
Along with the parkour event, I wanted to announce something pretty amazing regarding events.

But first, let's talk about the 70% sale.
It's ENDING tomorrow at 9PM PST // 12AM EST
You can visit our store here!

Let's let look at the Event server! Yes, I said that correctly.

We'll be scheduling announced weekly events which will
contain prizes and or other in-game incentives!
These events can vary, but most importantly, they'll cater to YOU! The community!

Let's get started with the parkour event!

How do I get to this awesome spawn?

Simply type /server event and you will spawn in front of a very spooky tree!

When does it start?

The event will take place Saturday, Oct. 7th @ 1PM PST / 2PM MST / 3PM CST / 4PM EST / 9PM GMT

What are the rewards?
1st Place - 25$ Voucher
2nd Place - 20$ Voucher
3rd Place - 15$ Voucher
4th Place - 10$ Voucher
5th Place - 5$ Voucher


Guess what else?
The server is up and available to join for all players!
Start practicing! It's going to be a race to the finish line!



Hey Gamers! I have a short and sweet announcement for you!

Guess what? We have an INSANE 70% sale on the store! Click here

(Ends 10/6/17)

Are the rumors true....?
As many of you are aware, there have been some rumors floating around regarding a Sonic reset. I wanted to come to you, the community, to get your opinion on that supposed rumor.

THANKS AGAIN! I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Hey Gamers!

We really hope you're enjoying the Mario Merge Reset!

There has been a massive request for documentation regarding the new
Stone Upgrade system!

But first, let's get started with the contest!

What are we competing for?
The value of your Faction!

How do we calculate our Faction value?
Simply go to /spawn & look for the BIG TOP 10 SIGN (you can't miss it) or you stay where you're at and use the new /f top command!

When does the contest end?
September 23rd, it's on a Saturday!

What are the rewards?
Each member of ANY of the winning Faction teams will receive a custom tag + $100k in-game cash


The following will be an added incentive for the Faction:
1st - 5x Iron Golem Spawner + 3x of each Upgrade Stone (Weapon, Armor, & Spawner)
2nd - 4x Iron Golem Spawner + 2x of each Upgrade Stone (Weapon, Armor, & Spawner)
3rd - 3x Iron Golem Spawner + 2x of each Upgrade Stone (Weapon, Armor, & Spawner)
4th - 2x Iron Golem Spawner + 1x of each Upgrade Stone (Weapon, Armor, & Spawner)
5th - 1x Iron Golem Spawner

Next up, Stone Upgrades!
The previous enchantment crystal setup is now being replaced with our
new Stone Upgrade system.

How does it work?
In order to enchant your spawners, weaponry, and or armor; you will need
to start out by applying a correlating COMMON Stone Upgrade to the correct item.

When applying the stone to your item for the very first time, you have a small chance of it not succeeding. Which in turn will take your Stone and downgrade your spawner, weapon, or piece of armor. The only way to achieve a...
We have some VERY EXCITING news!

The Reset & Merge of Factions is now here!
Along with a bunch of new features!
What are we resetting?
- The Factions Map of Mario, Metroid, & Pacman.
(which includes: The Nether, The End, Warzone, Wilderness & the Spawn)
- mcMMO Skills
- The Economy
- Any sort of player data excluding ranks, tags, & any other permanent perks.

This will give everyone a fresh start on Factions. With the addition of the reset, we're also merging the Factions servers; Metroid & Pacman into Mario on top of a bunch of new features with more coming soon.

For players that have purchased ranks on Metroid or Pacman will have the same level tier'd rank on the revamped Mario.

When is this happening?
This coming Friday / 9.8.17
There will also be a grace period of 3 days
with absolutely no TNT or Creeper explosions.

Here's a sneak peek at the new spawn and warzone!





Let's get to the new features!!!

Starting off with SellWand
What is SellWand? Well! Left click a chest & you'll find out!
(you'll sell all of the sellable items within a chest, with just a click!)

This will be a reward within the Crates at Spawn

This feature is pretty cool. You can shout across all of the servers for personal gain!
Go ahead and tell everyone to join in on a raid or to use their public spawner! Do what you want!

(you also need to be at least a tier1...

It's time for a contest!
When is this happening?

It starts August 13th and ends August 20th @ 2PM PST/ 5PM EST


All members apart of the Top Island list will benefit from the contest!

How do I gain Island Levels?
Placing any sort of block on your Island will put you further and further ahead. Whether if it's cobblestone or enchantment tables, it will add levels. The more valuable the block, the higher island level will you have.

What are the rewards?
1st Place - $250 store voucher
2nd Place - $150 store voucher
3rd Place - $100 store voucher
4th Place - $75 store voucher
5th Place - $50 store voucher
1st thru 5th all receive a custom chat tag!

(vouchers are split evenly amongst all island members)


Goodluck Gamers!
Hope to see some competetion!

Hey Retro Gamers!

We're rolling out a new Skyblock server!
Welcome Kirby to the Retro Universe!
Kirby is packed with the same awesome features as Sonic!
You can join in on the fun on August 13th @ 2PM PST/5PM EST
(one hour after the release, The Vault will start to burst open and spew $$$)
(about $5M worth, just to be clear!)
(remember, Kirby and Sonic are separate servers!)

But guess what?
There's one more thing...

Introducing Exchange!
(proper syntax: /exchange)

What is this?!
Think of it as an Auction House specifically designed for store packages! For instance, you can buy and/or sell ranks, spawners, money, tags, basically anything inside the store! /exchange is completely safe, legal, & scam proof! This new feature is available to all players! Go crazy and use it to your advantage!

Here is a sneak peek:


Staff Team Changelog
Minkaryu: no longer apart of the team as a Mod
Gamerjtp: no longer apart of the team as a Helper
Adequacy: resigned from the staff team as a Helper
Elliduncqn: resigned from the staff team as a Helper
HoloPanio: no longer apart of the team as a Helper
Xangar_Ferbar: resigned from the staff team as a Sr. Mod
The_Father_: joined the staff team as a Helper
Abriana: joined the staff team as a Helper
MuckingFuppet: promoted...
It's that time again!

Hey Gamers!
I have a few updates to throw at you! But before we get started, let's kick it off with a 1v1 Tournament!

1st - Brexi
2nd - MuckingFuppet
3rd - LowkeyAnnoying

Where and when?
Mario. Saturday, July 15th. @ 3PM PST, 4PM MST, 5PM CST, 6PM EST, & 10PM GMT

/warp event

How do I sign up?
(Signup is closed)

Do I need to bring my own gear?
Nope, there will be a chest full of potions, armor, & weapons at your disposal before the tournament starts. Don't bring in any armor or items.

Where is the bracket?
You can check it out here, click on that link to view a live feed of the tournament!
Heads up, if you register and you become a no-show the day of the tournament, you will be temporarily banned.

aaaaand now, time for updates!
I'm sure by now you have noticed the craziness that happens after a store purchase comes through... but if you haven't ;)

This happens...!


and guess what! You see all of that crazy text up above?
We got you covered.

(pretty self explanatory)


Minor Updates
- new day and night schedule, 3hr long days & 30m long nights.
- mobs drop more exp. at night
- added a guide section on the forums
- added two more rules into factions, skyblock, & minigames

> Macroing/Any sort of automation mod, client, and or addon

1st offense: 30d ban