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  1. Artistico
    Leaving this behind me.
  2. PhyscoticCat
    forgot about this account oh god LOL
  3. marsha
  4. Il_Mavs_lI
    Il_Mavs_lI Marko
    Hey im confused on how to get whitelisted, its been awhile since i played my minecraft username is Il_Mavs_lI and if i could get whitelisted that would be great because i payed for a sonic rank whenever i played
  5. JOHNPRO65
    JOHNPRO65 ArcadeWars Team
    hi, its been a while since i played in the server, about like 3-4 years now and when i come back it says im not whitelisted on the server, my ign is Emnesia my old ign was John_Pro65
  6. Badarahmad121292
  7. MechaBolt
    The end...
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  8. Meep1403
    it's been 84 years, since I last visited this
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    2. Artistico
      Mar 7, 2021
  9. bearbee11
    bearbee11 Pyrotechnic
    i walk around like that ni-
  10. bearbee11
  11. NeonXGaming
    NeonXGaming Marko
    Hi Marko, I am a bit confused as I used to play this server a long long time ago when unspeakable owned it. as of now, I can not join because its saying I can not connect to a default or fallback server. can you please help me with this?
  12. _xPeronocis
  13. RealTBNRfrags
    HI! fam it is me preston hope you all enjoying your life!
  14. Acid_Viper_
    Hello guys, what’s the arcade wars discord? Thanks!
  15. Lord_Brentanium
    New IGN: Zazik6
  16. bubbles
    bubbles _xHaunted
    been a while lol
  17. bubbles
    bruh 3 years ago
  18. Layla
    Layla Serayne92
    Apparently i made this account in 2017, what is this place i don't remember anything.
    1. gabrieljojo
      This is a minecraft server that has factions, skyblock, and prisons all mario, sonic, and pacman themed. Currently there's nothing new going on, still the same.
      Nov 9, 2020
  19. Layla
    Layla Marko
    Apparently i made this account in 2017, what is this place i don't remember anything.
  20. gabrieljojo