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    ArcadeWars Network Conduct

    (Last Updated : 8-20-21)

    These rules are specific to all servers apart of ArcadeWars and are meant to be followed by all users unconditionally. Separate Universe-specific rules can be found here.

    Be nice and play fair. Toxicity will be dealt with accordingly. Make sure to report players if you see them breaking any sort of rules stated below.

    All decisions made by staff are final. Remember, any punishment can be appealed. If you feel a specific staff member or punishment is unfair, contact a member of the Administration Team about it.

    Conditions for moving to the next level of a punishment are such: warnings apply for seven days, mutes apply for seven days, bans are permanent.

    ArcadeWars General Rules

    These are the basic server rules and are subject to change at any time without being notified. They will also be updated if any changes are made.


    Major Offenses
    (Tier 4)

    Permanent Ban


    Writing full IPs to servers such as will not be tolerated at all.

    Miscellaneous Links

    IP Grabbers, Graphic/sensitive content, or otherwise harmful/inappropriate links are not allowed in chat.

    IRL Trading

    Trading in-game items/currency for IRL currency is not allowed. You may only trade in-game items for buycraft items.

    Major Glitch Abuse

    Do not exploit any gameplay-affecting glitches. This includes server-crashing, griefing, duping, etc.


    Do not use a bot to have multiple accounts join the server to cause trouble (e.g. mass chat spam, lag, etc.)


    If you chargeback you will be blacklisted permanently with no option to buy an unban. If another player buys an item on your behalf without your knowledge, message an administrator or create a ticket in the public Discord server and we will resolve it. However, you must do this within two days of the purchase. If you have used the item and it is charge backed on, you must pay the full price before being unbanned.


    Do not share another player’s personal information or pressure players into sharing their own information.

    IRL Scamming

    Scamming a user out of IRL money or items is not tolerated.

    Unfair Advantage/Hacked Clients

    30d Ban → Permanent Ban

    Using modules on a hacked client, macros, autoclickers(This includes F11 Method), scripts, multi-boxing or any mod that may not be listed below. If you have queries regarding if a mod is allowed, pm a staff member. You may not be involved with a player who is hacking, such as supporting them hacking by providing materials for them to hack for your own advantage. If you yourself are not doing the action, then it is not allowed. You are allowed to butterfly click, but none of the following are allowed: Triple clicking, putting something heavy on your mouse, or tapping your mouse to use as an autoclicker. Autofill inventory mods are not allowed.

    IP Baiting

    Do not bait other players into saying another server’s IP address.

    Moderate Offenses
    (Tier 3)

    1d Ban → 7d Ban → 15d Ban → 30d Ban

    Testing limits

    Do not try to test the rules.


    You may not threaten to harm other players. This includes DDoS and Dox threats.

    Minor Glitch Abuse

    Do not abuse any glitch under any circumstance. If you find a bug, report it to a staff member and do not tell other players.

    Lag Machines

    Avoid creating/doing things that cause lag to the server or other players.


    Griefing another player’s plot/build/island is not allowed.

    Inappropriate Builds

    Avoid constructing obscene, offensive, graphic, or derogatory builds.

    Kill Boosting

    You may not use alts, friends, etc. to kill boost..

    Light Advertisement

    Do not encourage players to join another server, follow your social media, or click on your media link.

    Mild Offenses
    (Tier 2)

    6h Mute → 12h Mute → 1d Ban → 7d Ban


    Using any racist remark, racist phrase, or racial slur is prohibited. Discrimination of any kind against any group is not tolerated.


    Excessive disrespect, sexual harassment, or otherwise persistent harassment is not tolerated.

    Death Wishes/Encouragement

    Any encouragement of suicide, self-harm, or wishing death upon another player is not tolerated.


    Users may not impersonate another player, staff member, or youtuber under any circumstance. This includes nicknames.

    Fake Messages

    Intentionally creating a message that is not real and usually intended to trick a player is not allowed.

    Excessive Arguing With Staff

    Do not argue with staff. If you have an issue with a staff member or punishment, make an appeal or contact a manager.

    Minor Offenses
    (Tier 1)

    Warning → 15m Mute → 1h Mute → 6h Mute → 12h Ban

    Chat Spam

    Do not flood chat with 3+ messages in a row, use excessive caps, or spam a line of one character.


    Using characters which are not found on the English Keyboard (or otherwise strange symbols).


    Speaking in any language other than English is not allowed.


    Disrespecting or insulting players or staff is not allowed.

    Inappropriate Chat

    Discussing topics which are obscene, inappropriate, or otherwise have no place on the server.

    Faction Specific Offenses

    Printer Trapping and/or Gen Bucket Trapping

    → 3 Day Ban → 7 Day Ban

    Using schematic printer to trap players while pvping or doing anything else will not be tolerated.

    Freezing Minecraft Client

    → 3 Day Ban

    This is when you try to intentionally freeze or halt minecraft client to gain advantage in-game in any form.

    Auto Farms

    → 3 Hour Ban to 3 Day Ban

    This is any farm that uses redstone to automate farming of any crop or item.

    Deleting Evidence

    → 7 Day Ban

    If you remove or tamper with evidence it will act as an additional offense to what you previously did.

    Cobble Monstering

    → 3 Day Ban

    You may not make or use a cobble monster.

    Cobweb Placing At Koth

    → 3 Day Ban

    If you are caught placing cobwebs at koth to avoid getting knockback or any other advantage you will be punished.

    Auto Selling

    → 3 Day Ban

    Auto selling is not allowed, you must be active ingame when selling from chests; you must manually click each time.

    Allowed modifications

    (Modifying a modification in a way to gain an advantage over other players is not allowed)

    • Gammabright Mods​
    • Armor Status​
    • Potion Effect​
    • Direction Hud​
    • Damage Indicators​
    • Mini Maps (Must not have chests/players/entities enabled. Will result in a perm ban)​
    • Better Sprint​
    • ToggleSneak / Sprint​
    • Optifine​
    • Shaders​
    • TabbyChat​
    • World Downloader​
    • Schematica​
    • Kohi TCP NoDelay​
    • OCMC​
    • Forge​
    • 5zig​
    • bspkrs mods​
    • Console Client​
    • FPS enhancing mods​
    • Cosmic Client​
    • Laby Mod​
    • Coordinates​
    • Chunk Borders​
    • CPS Mods​
    • Keystrokes Mods​
    • Replay Mod
    • Badlion client
    NOTE: Modifying Schematica to break blocks is NOT ALLOWED.


    *Players caught repeatedly breaking rules will be permanently banned from the server. Players caught repeatedly attempting to break rules by pushing limits will be punished according to the rule(s) that they are trying to push/break.

    **No staff ranks (Helper, Mod, Sr.Mod) are exempt from any rule set forth by ArcadeWars. If you feel that a staff member has violated a rule, please message a member of the Management Team to report the incident.

    ***The Management Team (Admin+) reserves the right to adjust punishment types and lengths for any punishment listed on this page and for any other rule set forth by ArcadeWars, including but not limited to global rules and universe specific rules. The Management Team also reserves the right to grant punishments for rules that are not explicitly stated within the global rules and universe specific rules.
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