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Rules ArcadeWars Skyblock Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Kathi, Mar 27, 2019.

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    ArcadeWars Skyblock Rules

    These rules are specific to all skyblock related servers apart of ArcadeWars and are meant to be followed in addition to the general server rules. Be nice and play fair. Toxicity will be dealt with accordingly. Make sure to report players if you seem them breaking any sort of rules stated below.

    All decisions made by staff are final. Remember, any punishment can be appealed. If you feel a specific staff member or punishment is unfair, contact a member apart of the Administration Team about it.

    Conditions for moving to the next level of a punishment are such: warnings apply for twenty-four hours, mutes apply for twenty-four hours, bans are permanent. Some more severe offenses can lead to island strikes.

    Strike System

    On the rare occasion that an island breaks a rule the following actions may be taken:

    1 Strike - Warning
    2 Strikes - 25% of ISTOP deducted
    3 Strikes - 50% of ISTOP deducted
    4 Strikes - Disband​

    Unfair Usage of Alternate Accounts:
    Using an alternate account to your advantage in order to obtain a higher level, more items, or any sort of benefit in the game. If you’re not sure whether a specific usage of an alternate account is allowed, ask a staff member. This also includes having 5 or more TOTAL ACCOUNTS online at one time.

    First Offence: Verbal Warning
    Second Offence: 1 Island Strike

    In-Game Scamming:
    Scamming a player for in-game items with in-game items.

    Island Stealing:
    Stealing items from another players island. This includes the griefing of islands. If we can figure out what the offending party did with the items, they will be refunded to their original owner.

    Trapping and killing users via teleport, warp or another way of transport.

    Scripting, Macro, Automation
    Any scripting, macro, automation, autoclicking, etc. is strictly forbidden. Value may also be removed if necessary.

    First Offence: Ban (According to Rules) + 1 Island Strike
    Second Offence: Ban (According to Rules) + 2 Island Strikes

    Abusing Exploits/Bugs/Glitches
    Abuse of any server or game exploits, glitches or bugs is strictly prohibited.

    First Offence: Ban (According to Rules)
    Second Offence: Ban (According to Rules) + 1 Island Strike

    Merging / Giving Value
    You may not give value or merge with another island.

    First Offence: Disqualification from payout
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.