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Discussion in 'Rules' started by Marko, Jun 14, 2018.

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  1. Marko

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    Discord Information & Rules
    Last Updated : 10.9.18

    What is discord and how can I use it?

    Discord is a free communication program that allows you to talk to anyone. We have a public server which you can join & talk to other players in.

    How do I join the ArcadeWars Discord Server?
    You can join here: and immediately start chatting with other players!

    Appeals Info:
    For any ban, it is the responsibility of the staff member to unban you after the correct amount of time. This being said if you are not unbanned with the correct timing, please create a ticket in the discord.

    If you think a punishment is unfair or you believe that you've learned your lesson ahead of time, please feel free to fill out an appeal here or message a staff member on the appeals team. You may put your Discord tag instead of Minecraft username.

    Discord Rules

    Discrimination, Threats, Harassment, Offensive Content
    [] Warning [] 3 Day Ban

    The following are never tolerated even as a joke:
    - Discrimination of any type: racism, sexism, Homosapiensphobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.
    - Threats & Harassment
    - Excessively rude or inappropriate language / ideas

    Staff and Player Disrespect
    [] Warning [] 3 Day Ban

    - Being rude to another person for any reason - this includes rudeness directed towards staff based on their decision to give a punishment in-game or on discord. Remember you can always create a ticket in the discord if you think a staff member has been unfair towards you, and you can appeal punishments here.

    Spam & Spam Tagging
    [] Warning [] Kick [] 7 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    - Spamming any type of message, character, special symbols falls under this rule. This is only allowed in the “Spam and Unrelated” chat channel.

    - Flood (character spam) of song lyrics, symbols, letters, etc is now considered as 15+ lines -- this rule can be modified within reason by staff if/when necessary.
    - Spam tagging (@user) is never allowed in any channel. This is classified as one user tagging another user 5+ times in 5 or less minutes.

    Mentioning Other Servers or Light Advertisement
    [] Warning (& removal of message) [] Kick [] 7d Ban

    - Mentioning other servers in anything more than passing & advertising of unrelated products or servers.

    Inappropriate Reactions
    [] Warning (& removal of reactions) [] Kick [] Kick & Removal of your permission to react to messages

    - Using the discord reaction system inappropriately.
    Example: :Eggplant: and :OkHand: or spelling out terms/phrases that are inappropriate or vulgar.

    Sending or Linking any Harmful Material or Direct Advertisement
    [] Permanent Ban

    - Links to malicious malware, viruses, IP grabbers, and or phishing.
    - Links to other discord servers.
    - Links to other Minecraft servers.
    - Unrelated advertisement.

    Music & Call Conduct
    [] Warning [] 30m Mute [] 1h Mute [] 1d Mute

    Music: [] Warning [] Command Blacklist - 1d [] Command Blacklist - 7d

    The following are considered a disturbance under most circumstances & are generally not allowed.
    - Playing inappropriate songs, playing music in other calls and playing videos.
    - Rapid joining and leaving a call to annoy/distract listeners.
    - Extreme voice changers, static mic noise, or any background noise. (intentional or not)

    Leaking Personal Information
    [] Permanent Ban

    Spreading information, whether confirmed true or not, in order to intentionally harm another player. Leaking a player’s IRL first name by accident isn’t punishable. Leaking chat logs, whether private or not, is not punishable.

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  2. Evergreen

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    Discord rules have been completely redone and hopefully cleared up - there are now specified punishment times for all rules.
  3. Evergreen

    Evergreen Hardcore Gamer


    Flood (character spam) has been clarified within the rules:
    - Flood (character spam) of song lyrics, symbols, letters, etc is now considered as 15+ lines -- this rule can be modified within reason by staff if/when necessary.
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