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Factions Release (Season 1)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Marko, May 14, 2020.

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    Its been a while since you've heard from the current management team and an even longer time since ArcadeWars has been up and running. After the server has been down for just under a year now we've have decided to undergo a full revamp and address the issues the server has faced head-on. Some of these changes players will like, some of the changes players will not, however, all the following changes have been done in the best interest of the server.

    To begin most of the GKits have been refunded into an in-game currency called Paragon and have been removed. Players will be able to redeem their GKits by running the command /redeem within the hub. You will be able to purchase new GKits and Ranks if you wish to by running the command /paragon. We understand this may frustrate some players, however, this has been done in the best interest of the lifespan of each server as these P2W GKits would ruin in-game economies very quickly potentially ruining that map.

    Server Information
    Factions Mario Release 2pm EST, May 22nd

    20 Man Factions
    40 Alts Factions
    4 Second Cannons
    20 Chunk Buffers
    Sugarcane Economy
    $550 FTOP Prize - $550 Buycraft
    Custom Enchants - No Debuffs

    PayOut Info
    There is a total prize of $550.

    There will be 2 payouts in total. These will be paid shortly after being announced in discord each week. The map will last 21 days with a 5 day grace period followed by a period of two weeks of TNT.

    Screenshots will be taken at 5pm EST and will be paid out at the end of the map. Factions will be unable to place FTOP value 2 days before payouts. Payouts will be on the 30th and the 6th.

    Total Payout
    First Place - $300 Buycraft
    Second Place - $175 Buycraft
    Third Place - $75 Buycraft

    General Information
    Faction Max Power : 3000
    Max Buffer Size : 20 Chunks
    Power Per Player : 300 Power
    Cannon Speeds : 4 Seconds Per Shot
    Allies and Truces : 0 Ally, 0 Truces
    Max Players Per Faction : 20 Players
    Max Alts Per Faction : 40 Alts

    Every few days there will be events for the entire server to compete in, these will happen every few days and there will be exclusive rewards for the winners of these events so make sure to be there and participate! These will be both gamemode specific as well as global events for everyone on the server to participate in.

    Cannoning Performance
    Since the last maps on Arcade Factions we have made several changes to the spigot as well as several other plugins improving overall cannon performance as well as allowing a larger variety of cannons to work not.

    Whats new?
    Faction Shields

    Faction shields have been implemented. Each faction can assign an 8 hour slot where they will be unraidable, however, also unable to raid other factions!

    Core Protect and F Inspect
    Last season there were issues with /f inspect and core protect not showing the spawner and instead just showing (Mob_Spawner). This has now been fixed! This means players and staff will now be able to track the movement of spawners within a base better!

    As said before, GKits have been overhauled, the biggest change to the factions server is that GKits no longer provide keys, allowing players to no longer have significant advantages at the start of a new season.

    Harvester Hoes
    Harvester Hoes now work properly with MCMMO and will not "miss" certain drops anymore.

    Liquids and GenBlocks
    Liquids and GenBlocks have been optimised and no longer cause as big of a tps drop when hundreds are being used or updated.

    Faction Logs
    Each faction will be able to view all the logs of all their faction members with ease by doing the command /f logs. This will be able to track who claims/unclaims land, invites, promotions and demotions, mining spawners, relations as well as permissions.

    Faction Spawner Access
    This allows authorized users to manage who in their faction is able to interact with their factions spawners. This prevents players from joining your faction and insiding you.

    The economy has been balanced, reducing how easy it is to gain TNT as well as high end spawners, making them more lucrative.

    Due to GKits no longer giving keys crates have been buffed with better rewards, better chances and unique loot!​
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