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    ArcadeWars Factions Conduct
    Last Updated : 11.12.18

    These rules apply Factions on ArcadeWars.
    These rules DO NOT apply to Skyblock. Skyblock rules can be found here.

    This rules list contains all basic rules. The admins and higher reserve the right to issue punishments against offenses that are not listed on this thread, or to modify the type or length of any punishment, if it is deemed necessary.

    Be nice and play fair. Toxicity will be dealt with accordingly.

    All decisions made by staff are final. Remember, any punishment can be appealed. If you feel a specific staff member or punishment is unfair, contact @Messaginq about it.

    Conditions for moving to the next level of a punishment are such: warnings apply for twenty-four hours, mutes apply for twenty-four hours, and bans are permanent.​

    Major Offenses

    IP Advertising
    [] Permanent Ban

    Sharing any type of IP address in any in-game chat. This also includes any type of inappropriate link.

    Exploiting & Abusing Bugs
    [] 30 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Using any bug, dupe, or exploit for your personal gain. Also includes sharing information about an exploit to other players without letting the administration know. Intentionally causing lag falls under this rule.

    Real-Life Scamming
    [] Permanent Ban

    Cheating someone out of real-life money via the ArcadeWars store: promising someone you’ll give them something in-game for them to buy you something on the store, and then not handing what you owe in-game after the purchase was completed. To avoid scamming on either side, use a middleman.

    Using Blacklisted Modifications (Hacking)
    [] 15 Day Ban [] 30 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban [You may appeal]

    Using any of the modifications listed as disallowed here. Remember, it’s up to the discretion of our staff to whether a hacked client is in use, however, all staff below administrator must have proof of a ban.

    Third Party Trading
    [] 15 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Offering deals or trades for anything which is not directly related to ArcadeWars. This includes selling or trading Minecraft accounts. Offering to trade from ArcadeWars to another server owned by Serayne92 is allowed.

    Inappropriate Usernames & Skins
    [] Permanent Ban (Appeal once changed)

    Having a username or skin which directly violates a rule of conduct listed here or is deemed inappropriate by staff. Appeal as soon as the skin or username is changed. A name which is extremely similar to a staff username falls under this category. (Example: _Nevergreen)

    Leaking Information
    [] 15 Day Ban [] 30 Day Ban

    Leaking real life information from doxing another user. Leaking a player’s IRL first name in chat by accident isn’t punishable.

    Ban Evasion
    [] 15 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Logging onto ArcadeWars whilst banned on another account. If the original ban is 15 days or longer, skip straight to permanent ban.

    [] 3 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Threatening anyone in any way. This includes, but isn’t limited to, “pay me $10000 or I’ll kill you irl”, “I’ll Ddos you”, ”I’ll hack you if you don’t do xxx” This also includes graphically encouraging other players to harm themselves in any way. "kys" is not an example of this.

    Disrespect and Inappropriate Behavior:
    [] Warning [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 3 Day Mute

    - Disrespecting another person in any way. Even if we have different identities, remember, we’re all people. We don’t want to make any players feel uncomfortable.

    Racism, Discrimination, and Harassment:
    [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 24 Hour Mute

    - Harassing another person or making inappropriate (vulgar) remarks. This is generally left up to the discretion of the staff member online at the time.

    Minor Offenses

    Command Spam:
    [] 1 Hour Ban [] 1 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    Spamming commands such as /tpa, /msg, /g, etc. 4+ messages count as disallowed.

    Encouraging Rule Breaking:
    [] Warning [] 15 Minute Mute[] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute

    Encouraging other players to break rules of any type.

    Mute Evasion:
    [] 1 Hour Ban [] 1 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    Evading your mute in the chat with another account, resetting your join message to evade the mute, or by somehow bypassing the mute to talk in any globally seen chat. While muted, you may talk in: private message, guild chat, party chat, signs, or directly to a staff member.

    Unrelated Links & Social Media Advertisement:
    [] 1 Hour Mute [] 1 Day Mute [] 7 Day Mute

    Posting links unrelated to ArcadeWars or advertising your social media accounts. Advertising social media is allowed in any private chat.

    Light Server Advertisement:
    [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 1 Day Mute

    Saying or suggesting the name of another Minecraft server, other than those owned by Serayne92 & iKoalas.

    Spamming/Flooding Chat:
    [] Warning [] 15 Minute Mute [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 1 Day Mute

    Spamming global chat in any way. Spam is sending 5 or more short messages in a short amount of time, usually about 10 or less seconds.
    Flooding global chat is using 10+ random and/or same characters in a message. Ex: Heyyyyyyyyyyy
    Using a join message to spam chat, or spamming chat with alternate accounts falls under this rule.

    Staff Impersonation:
    [] Verbal Warning [] Warning [] 1 Day Mute [] 7 Day Mute

    Impersonating a staff member with your mannerisms & behavior. Having a similar IGN as a staff member falls under Inappropriate Usernames.

    Factions-Specific Offenses
    [] Admins Unclaim

    Factions can only own one corner. Your faction cannot own a corner in the Overworld, and a corner in the End, for example. If you have more than one corner, admins will unclaim the second and so on.
    B*tch Claims (Grace Period)
    [] Admins Unclaim

    B*tch Claiming is when one faction claims around another faction's unfinished claims, preventing them from expanding/progressing. If caught, an admin will remove the claims.
    Note: this rule only applies when grace period is active.

    Patching Walls w/ Printer & Gen Buckets
    [] 7 Day Ban

    Patching walls with printer or gen buckets while being raided.

    [] Admins Unclaim

    The buffer limit is 20. Any claims which exceed the buffer limit will be removed. Buffer counts from the exterior wall and not the base itself.

    Cobble Monsters
    [] 1 Day Ban [] 3 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    Cobble monstering another faction's territory is not allowed.

    [] Verbal Warning [] 1 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    A checkbox is a redstone design on top of your sand walls that break a line of redstone to indicate that the sandwall has been hit by TNT (in the process of getting raided.) If a faction is found to have a checkbox, they will be asked to remove it. If the faction refuses to remove the checkbox, the owner of the faction will be punished accordingly.

    Raid Detectors
    [] Faction Disband & No Longer Eligible for F-Top Rewards

    Any forms of TNT alerting devices are never permitted.

    Covering / Mining / TNTing / Watering Spawners During a Raid
    [] 1 Day Ban [] 3 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    Covering spawners in any of the specified ways is not allowed. Any covered/watered spawners found during a raid will be removed by an admin and given to raiders. Factions being raided also may not mine/TNT spawners while TNT is being fired from a cannon (being raided.) The faction leader and/or rule-breaker will be punished.

    [] 1 Day Ban [] 3 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    Players are not allowed to use cobwebs or any other unraidable blocks. If the faction refuses to remove the illegal defenses, the faction owner will be punished accordingly.

    [] Permanent Ban

    Insiding is (generally) defined by: stealing the spawners, blowing up the spawners, teleporting players in the base or blowing up the base. All parties involved in an inside will be punished accordingly. Players will generally be refunded for insides - however this isn't always the case.

    Merging Factions
    [] 30 Day Ban

    Merging with another faction in order to gain more f-top value is not permitted. Contact a staff member if you are to merge with a faction so they can remove all your valuables beforehand. If caught sneaking items through in merges all parties involved will be punished accordingly.

    Claim Gap
    [] Admins Unclaim

    There must be at least TEN chunks of free space between TWO bases' buffers. Claims will be removed as far as necessary to allocate ten chunks of space.

    Raid Claims
    [] Admins Unclaim

    Raid claims are claims located outside the buffer of another faction's base. Your raid claims must be no larger than 10x10 chunks.

    Spawners Placed 24 Hours Before F-Top Payout
    Factions must place the spawners they wish to count towards their f-top value 24hrs before the payout. Any spawners placed under this time will not count towards your faction value.

    Abusing /printer
    [] 12 Hour Ban

    Using printer to be in godmode while at another faction's base or your own base to be a nuisance to the other party is not permitted.

    Regen Walls & Piston Regen Walls
    [] Admin Removal

    Any walls that use regen mechanics - normal or piston. Piston regen walls are walls that use pistons to push genned blocks from a cobble gen. If a faction is found to have this type of defense the illegal wall(s) will be removed by an admin.

    Scattered Hidden Spawner Vaults
    For spawners to count towards your f-top, your spawners must be in a legitimate base and not a hidden box/vault in the wilderness. Any spawners that are found in a hidden vault in an attempt to hide their faction worth will not be counted towards their f-top value when faction payouts are being handed out.

    Cannon Rules

    Roof Cannons
    [] 14 Day Ban

    Using any type of roof cannon to raid is not allowed. If the raid is successful, damages will be rolled back and the loot obtained will be confiscated. All the players involved in this illegal raid will be punished accordingly.

    Left Shooters
    [] 14 Day Ban

    Left shooters are not allowed. If a raid has been committed with a left shooter, any loot taken will be refunded and all parties involved in the illegal raid will be punished accordingly.

    Auto Cannons & Auto Sand Comp
    [] 14 Day Ban

    Any auto cannons used in a raid will result in a full refund for the faction who got raided. All parties involved in the illegal raid will be punished accordingly.

    Multiple Walls w/ ONE Shot
    [] 14 Day Ban

    Players can only destroy ONE wall with ONE button press. Any number higher than this will result in all parties in the raid being punished accordingly
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