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Discussion in 'Rules' started by Hitch, Dec 30, 2018.

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  1. Hitch

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    Point System
    Each faction starts off with 0 points
    You can have a maximum of 20 points
    Breaking certain rules will attain you X amount of points
    The punishment for reaching 20 points is a disband.

    General Faction Rules

    Note: Whenever your faction is issued a warning you will be expected to immediately stop whatever rule you’re breaking or the punishment may escalate.

    1. Insiding Factions
    Insiding will result in a ban. This is described as betraying your faction by unclaiming all, stealing spawners, mining spawners or stealing/removing F Top value. A faction leader is the judge of your ban and ultimately decides if you should be banned or not, if the proof is validated by a staff member. We have a strict rollback policy due to the fact of factions fake insiding. We only rollback factions if we can track down the spawners that were insided. This only applies to factions that are on or were on f top 1-10 before they were insided.

    (Insides do not count when you mistrust an ally/truce with faction permissions and they abuse this trust or when chest loot is stolen.)

    -> Player insiding is banned for the rest of the season, faction is rolled back if loot is found.

    2. Allyships
    You may only have 1 ally and 0 truces at a single point in time, you may not verbally ally with people or team against other factions with a faction that is not your ally/truce. You can also not help another faction with a raid or base defence unless you are allied with them. If you are warned you must immediately stop illegally allying.
    -> Warning -> 4 Point

    3. Alternate Factions
    You are allowed a maximum of 1 alternate faction, failure to comply will result in a disband of the third faction, With this alternate faction, you will not be able to claim FTOP Prizes with it.
    -> Illegal alt faction is disbanded

    4. Merging Factions
    You're not allowed to merge factions, if you are caught merging bring spawners or ftop, doing so will result in a punishment set by the higher ups
    -> FTOP gained from merge is removed

    5. Corners
    You are allowed a maximum of 1 corner per server, this also includes different worlds, for example you may not have a corner base in the end and overworld. This may not be avoided by using alternate accounts/factions, doing so will result in a more severe punishment.
    -> 6 hour warning to remove -> Forcefully removed

    6. Afking Faction Walls
    Specifically being AFK on your walls is not allowed. You can also not AFK near enemy walls to stop them from repairing / flying.
    -> All people are force teleported to spawn

    7. Placing Bulk Faction Wealth
    If you increase your ftop by more than 50% of your factions initial wealth (in 24 hours) in any way other than raiding another faction you will get punished (note you can only place the amount of value you get from raiding and not more). This only applies to when the payout period is on (these are the 5 days before paypal is given or 1 day before BuyCraft is given) Factions wealth must be in two bases, your main base must have more then 70% worth in.
    -> Disqualified from that weeks prize
    Faction Base Rules

    8. Patching Walls With Printer / GenBuckets / Patching In General
    General patching rules will disallow the help to patch / repair walls from any faction but your own whilst being raided. If any other faction but yours is given permission to build and patch your walls this offense will be treated with the same punishments below.

    Patching your walls while being raided with printer or gen buckets is strictly against the rules as it provides too much of an advantage for the defending faction. Disclaimer, patching walls with printer or genbuckets while you aren’t getting raided is allowed, normal patching manually whilst being raided without said banned ways is allowed.

    What deems a raid over? If no cannon has fired at the base in the past 15 minutes the raid is considered over. If a cannon begins firing again after that. That constitutes a new raid and the timer begins again.

    -> 3 day ban to players, if 3+ players do this in one faction they will receive a 4 points

    9. Buffers
    Factions are allowed to claim a maximum of a 20 chunk claim of "buffer". A buffer chunk is any claimed chunk that sits between wilderness and the outermost wall of the chunks containing the main base. Factions with a claim too large will be asked to remove it, if it’s not done in a suitable time period a faction punishment may be issued. If you decide to have a gap in your base that will count as part of your 20 chunk buffer.
    -> 24 hour warning -> Forcefully removed

    10. Truces Extending Buffers
    A factions base may not have more than a 20 chunk buffer you may not allow allies/neutrals to build extra walls outside your buffer to benefit the base being raided. If you wish to allow them to build extra walls you must access them to YOUR buffer.
    -> Warning -> 5 Points to “Truced faction”

    11. B**** Claiming
    If you claim land with the sole purpose of disrupting another Faction currently setting up their claims. unkind woman claims will be unclaimed during grace period however after grace period ends they will be allowed.
    -> Forcefully removed

    12. Buffers Between Bases
    There must be a minimum of 40 chunks between bases. This distance includes the outermost claim of one base to the outermost claim of the other base. Having too small of a distance will require the newer base to be moved or have its walls shortened.
    -> Second faction is given 24 hours to remove/move, or forcefully removed

    13. Regen Walls
    Factions with any kind of automatic regen walls will be punished.
    -> 2 Points and forcefully removed

    14. TNT Detectors and check walls
    Check walls are permitted under the circumstances that they are not afk’d on, afking on a check wall for more than 10 minutes will result in punishment. TNT/Redstone client updates (aka detectors) are not tolerated.
    -> 5 Points if this happens more than 3 times, disband if any form of TNT detectors are used

    15. Base Defences
    In no way shape or form may the following be used to defence against a raid:
    • Cobblestone walls (the non full block one)
    • Fences
    • Cactus
    • Enderchests
    • Enchantment Tables
    • Chests
    • Banners
    • Anvils
    Just because a defence isn’t list here doesn’t mean it is allowed however, you will be given a warning before being given points.
    -> 5 Points and a 1 day ban to people who placed it

    16. Spawners
    Spawners are not allowed to be covered. You must not remove spawners using any other method other than mining with a pickaxe, such as using tnt or creeper eggs will be punished.
    -> Warning -> 5 Points (players doing this receive a 1 day ban)

    17. Gap bases
    Gap bases are not allowed, anything what isn't able to be pearled to will be considered to be a gap base
    -> Warning to fill in the gap -> Forcefully filled in.

    Cannon and Raiding Rules

    18. Raid Claims
    If a claim is within 20 chunks of a bases outer claim, your raid claim cannot be bigger than a 10x10. Disclaimer, anything past 20 chunks there is no limit on claim size.
    -> Warning -> Forcefully removed/shrunk

    19. Anti Raid Claims
    Anti-raid claims can only be the same size of the raid claims you are in line with and CANNOT be inline with your base (the actual base not the walls/wraps)
    -> Warning -> Forcefully removed/shrunk

    20. Cannons Raiding A Base At One Time
    There may be only one active cannon firing at a base. If you wish to fire a different cannon (Example 1: You build your first cannon and it rips so you want to fire a second. Example 2:You rev-nuke/nuke all their walls and switch to a 255 or another cannon at the y level of the base to get inside.) You must wait 2 minutes before firing the second cannon. If there's a faction currently firing on the base you wish to raid/attempt you must wait 15 minutes after their cannon/raid is over.
    -> Warning, damaged caused by illegal cannon is rolled back -> Cannon forcefully removed

    21. Cobble Monstering
    Cobble monstering in any situation will not be tolerated and will be removed as well as the players will be punished, depending on severity.
    -> 2 day tempban to players involved

    22. Multi-Wall Oneshots
    A cannon may fire up to 1 shot per button press and destroy a maximum of 1 wall per button press. Any more and the raid will be deemed illegal.
    -> 5 Points, faction being raided is rolled back, players who built the cannon are banned for 2 days

    23. Firing Speeds
    A cannon is legal only if it fires TNT every 3 seconds or slower. You may not use multiple cannons to bypass this. For example shooting 1 behind the other.

    Anything that has a barrel under y:10 can fire as fast as 1 shot per second. Note: The border breaks sand. You cannot backstack on the border. (Any attempt to do some weird kman garbage or antigrav sliding up walls will not be tolerated. If your entities go above y:15 the cannon is considered to be shooting at a max of 3 seconds. )

    -> 5 Points, faction being raided is rolled back, players who built the cannon are banned for 2 days

    24. Clocks
    A cannon may not be on a clock causing them to shoot automatically, this does not include button spammers which are allowed. Cannons with a barrel below y 10 are exempt from this rule.
    -> 5 Points, faction being raided is rolled back, players who built the cannon are banned for 2 days

    25. Disallowed Cannons

    Left and right shooters are not allowed. Redirecting SAND in land which is not claimed by your faction or an ally is not allowed and will cause the raid to be illegal. (Leftshooting tnt once inside the base to get more spawners is allowed.)
    Cannons that use excessive amounts of TNT that might affect the server's performance unnecessarily will not be tolerated and will be removed..
    Cannons that break more than 1 wall per button press will not be allowed on the server.

    Bypassing a factions walls by using a roof cannon is allowed, however, it is not allowed if you push TNT over 256.

    -> 5 Points, faction being raided is rolled back, players who built the cannon are banned for 2 days

    Miscellaneous faction Rules

    26. Eco Glitches
    Exploiting an issue with the economy for an advantage (All exploited items will be removed)
    -> From 12 Points to 20 points depending on severity

    27. Auto Farms
    This is any farm that uses redstone to automate farming of any crop.
    -> 3 day ban to builders

    28. Duping
    Duping armour or spawners etc. (All duped items will be removed)
    -> From 12 Points to 20 points depending on severity

    29. Inappropriate Faction Names/Roof Art
    -> Warning -> Forcefully Removed

    30. Mining/Removing Spawners while being raided
    When getting raided and you mine/remove your spawners or when you mine/remove them and it's been less than 15 minutes after the last successful shot on your base. If the faction breaches the base; they will receive any spawners mined/blown-up/covered automatically, if they do not breach; they will be removed from the player.
    -> 5 Points and 1 Day ban to players involved

    31. Scripting
    Using scripts to automate manual grinding
    -> 3 points each offence
    Payout Rules

    32. Faction Age
    In order to qualify for payouts at the end of the map your faction must exceed an age of 5 days.
    -> Disqualified from payout

    33. Base Size
    In order to qualify for payouts at the end of the map your faction must have AT LEAST 120 walls.
    -> Disqualified from payout

    34. FTOP Value Location
    In order to qualify for payouts at the end of the map your faction must MORE then 70% of its value in the main base.
    -> Disqualified from payout

    35. Alt Factions
    Using alternate factions to claim payout is not permitted AT ALL
    -> Disqualified from payout

    Personal note; These rules can be changed at anytime, you will be notified if they do, but it is always good to check these rules before you do anything, any other suggestions for factions? %suggest in the discord.

    Also wanted to say thank you to Marko#0001 for helping with these, couldn't of done these without him

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