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Discussion in 'Rules' started by Junexau, Dec 22, 2016.

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    ArcadeWars Forums Rules & Conduct
    Last Updated : 08-06-21

    • Rules
      • Do not double post. Edit your last post instead.
        • Post will be merged with your last post & you'll be given a verbal warning.
      • Do not necropost (posting on a thread where the last post is 2+ weeks ago.)
        • Thread will be locked.
      • Do not use caps unnecessarily.
        • Your post will be edited.
      • No trolling.
        • You will be given a few warnings & then permanently banned if it continues.
      • Do not start flame wars on purpose.
        • Depending on the severity you may be instantly banned without a warning.
      • Do not advertise other servers.
        • Post will be edited/deleted & you'll be given a verbal warning. If it happens again it will be a permanent ban.
      • Do not use spoiler tags to hide inappropriate content.
        • Post will be deleted & it'll be an immediate permanent ban.
      • Do not create alt accounts for trolling, boosting or to avoid forum punishments.
        • You will generally be given a verbal warning however depending on severity it may be a permanent ban.
      • Do not post threads or posts exclusively to increase your post count.
        • Posts will be removed & you'll be given a verbal warning. If it occurs again it'll be a permanent ban.
      • Do not abuse the ratings. Ratings should be used for appropriate content, not to spam hundreds of likes onto a players profile posts or give an excessive number of negative ratings to someone.
        • Ratings will be removed, you'll be given a verbal warning. If it occurs again it'll be a permanent ban.
      • Do not start a threads flaming / criticizing staff or players as no one wants to be publicly humiliated. However we take concerns about staff very seriously, if you have any problems with a staff member or their behavior please contact @Pundora (Pundora#0420) and they will respond asap. Likewise if you feel a player is breaking rules or behaving inappropriately, please make a player report here.
        • The thread will be locked / removed & you'll be directed to talk to an admin or manager.
    Other Information

    - Though the forum rules are taken rather lightly, repeatedly breaking forum rules may result in a verbal warning, forums discouragement, or temporary / permanent ban.
    - If a rule is broken, the post may be edited, locked, or deleted without warning.
    - Administration is not required to abide by the set punishments & may choose to take harsher or lesser action if it is deemed appropriate.
    - You may create an alternate account solely for the purpose of appealing a ban on your main account.
    - Members of the forums moderation team have permission to execute all punishments within their power if necessary. For any bans made by SrMods or lower, it is required to collect proof before banning - you may always request proof for your ban, and if there is none, you may be unbanned.
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    Forums rules have been updated & clarified.
    - Warning points are no longer officially given by staff - they are useless and generally ignored. Instead, verbal warnings are given.
    - The rules are now broader and cover all circumstances instead of specific instances.
    - In general, rules are now more lenient.
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