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My story...ha

Discussion in 'Factions Discussion' started by Logery23, Oct 26, 2019.

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    Alright so I was just kinda stopping by on the forums to check it out I guess. I do this every once in a while. This post is inspired by the other one I just saw but in the minute or so it took me to leave that post and start writing this one I've forgotten the author's name but shoutout to them I guess for the idea.

    I started playing ArcadeWars, which I'll refer to as AW from this point on because I'm lazy, in mid-is January 2017. I had stumbled across an UnspeakableGaming video in my suggested on Youtube. For those of you who are newer, this was the Youtuber who initially publicized the server. Like most Youtuber's servers, AW was relatively popular in its initial release. We were having two maybe three hundred people on at a time. Soon after I started playing I decided to apply for staff, thinking it could be a pretty cool opportunity. I still have that rejection email in my inbox (yes applications used to be done by Google Form). After months of applying and getting rejected I was finally given the role of Helper in May. I remember being on a Discord call with Mblaseee when he said to me to hop on and to type in chat. I was overwhelmed with congrats's as you can still see on my profile page. This was when AW hit its prime. Skyblock. I never really was a very big fan of sky block myself, but I acknowledge it was really good for the server. Mario would be full 24/7 and so would Sonic. They actually had to implement a system for prioritizing who got on servers because staff were getting locked out of them. AW was in its prime and I would wake up everyday looking forward to playing until that evening. In November when I finally got promoted to Mod, after a long long long long long long long time as helper (Still salty about that @Mblaseee), My heart was racing with joy. I was on Mario grinding blazes for xp and Hum0n pm'ed me and said to type in chat. When I did, I saw the moderator tag next to my name. From then on it was fun, but because people were back in school the life kind of left the server a little. To be fair, I should have stuck with it. AW was something that I had loved dearly for almost a year, and I had made a family of it. On Dec. 25th 2017, I resigned. I remember typing in the chat, "Merry Christmas... And a happy birthday to me!" Kind of disrespectful but that was the staff code for someone getting demoted or resigned. I didn't really do much on AW until near the end of the school year of 2018. I noticed that they had some cool updates rolling out, and I knew the summer would bring back a lot of players. I thought that the server would have life again, and it did, but when I came back it just didn't feel the same anymore. I felt like I wasn't really part of a family anymore. People were more toxic and less active in chat, and no one really cared about others anymore.

    So here I am, over a year later. I'm at a new school, new friends, but AW is still and always will be a part of me. Sure, it's just some stupid Minecraft server, but to me, for a year of my life, ArcadeWars was a family. The friends and family I made here will always be a part of my life. Everywhere I go, you will all be with me.

    Just thought I'd share that, you guys are and always will be the best people in my life. I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner, and just know that you all will always be with me in my life.


    I'll be checking this post daily(-ish) so if you have any questions or want details on stories just comment below. I've got plenty.


    @cjkturtle remember messing around in creative mode in the big mushroom on Mario(I think that was the server). We had all the little staff houses inside it. Fun times bro


    Sorry for the bad grammar up there probably. I didn't proof read.
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    100% mate. I remember you kicking me several times in that mushroom. Good times.
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    The completely broken cannons in facs was the best.
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