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Pac-Man Revamp Season 1

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    Important Information

    Hey everyone! It's been awhile since you've seen the Pac-Man Prison Server here on ArcadeWars, after weeks of planning and working on things we are excited to announce that we will be releasing our Revamped Pac-Man realm this weekend!

    Server Information
    Pac-Man Releases on August 28th at 3pm EST/8pm BST

    General Information
    Max Players Per Gang : 20 Players
    Mining Based Economy
    A-Z Mines
    Donator Mines

    Key Features

    Private Mines -
    Players will be able to access their own private mine where they can break blocks in peace.

    OmniTool Mining -
    Players will start with an upgradable OmniTool. OmniTools will allow players to break any type of mine blocks without the need to switch between tools. OmniTools can be upgraded through the use of gem stones.

    Gem Stones -
    Gem stones carry different custom enchantments that can be added to a player’s OmniTool. Gems come with the chance of being withered when attempting to add them to an OmniTool so be careful!

    Gem Scrolls -
    Gem scrolls come with the ability to repair withered gem stones. Players will have to apply three gem scrolls to a gem stone for a chance to repair it.

    XP System -
    Players will be able to obtain XP by mining blocks. XP can be spent in the XP shop

    XP Shop -
    In the XP shop players will be able to buy special items such as gem scrolls, pouches, buffs and more.

    Gangs -
    We have implemented gangs to Pac-Man for this season. Gangs will be able to work together towards upgrades and compete for top gang positions. Gangs will start with a maximum member count of five which can be upgraded along with the gang E-Token multiplier and the gang sell multiplier.

    Plots -
    Players will now be able to build on their very own plots of land. Using the /warp plots command players will be able to claim their own plot. Players will also be able to travel and view other player’s plots.

    Minions -
    Players will be able to place minions on their own plots. Minions earn players both money and tokens. Minions come in tiers 1-5 and can be upgraded.

    Economy -
    Pac-Man will have rank mines A through Z as well as player and donor mines. Players will be able to earn money and progress through the economy by mining at these mines. Money can be spent on various upgrades as well as on blocks for player plots. Other forms of in-game currency include E-Tokens, Beacons, and P-Tokens which will all be required in order for players to perform various upgrades.

    Crates -
    Pac-Man will feature 8 different crates filled with all kinds of rewards. Present crates will include the voting crate, uncommon crate, rare crate, legendary crate, mythical crate, mine crate, and the monthly crate. Each crate comes with its own potential rewards and can be opened with the use of a corresponding key.

    Custom Donor Mines -
    Custom donor mines are mines where donors can go for blocks of increased value. Pac-Man currently has 7 donor mines. These mines include JrPacman, Clyde, Inky, Pinky, Blinky, MsPacman, and PacMan.

    E-Tokens -
    E-Tokens are part of the Pac-Man economy and are used to perform upgrades on various mining equipment such as OmniTools and Backpacks. E-Tokens can be obtained by mining blocks.

    Buff Rods -
    On Pac-Man, players will be able to obtain buff rods. Buff rods will be able to be used as EP buffs, EToken buffs, or sell buffs. Buff rods work by adding a timed multiplier for players trying to obtain any of the corresponding buffed items.

    GotPvP Rank Transfers -
    Elite - Spiral
    Guardian - Clyde
    Titan - Inky
    Warloard - Pinky
    Overlord - Blinky
    Challenger - Ms.Pac-Man
    Champion - Pac-Man

    See you all Saturday @ 3 PM EST !
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