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Skyblock Map 9

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    In this new update, we have fixed several issues that caused last map to be unplayable. We've been listening to the community and what you guys have had in mind for the server. With that being said let’s get into the details of this new map!
    Here are a few of the small changes that we have implemented:
    • Minions
    • Improved server stability
    • Reverted to stacked spawners
    • Territories
    • Improved the skyblock stability
    • Pvp Ranks
    In this map, we will be reimplementing Island Strikes. Rules will be redone before release.

    We are giving out $450 Paypal & $750 Buycraft in the span of 6 weeks to the top 3 islands, as you can see the prizes that are shown below.

    Total Payout
    First Place : $240 Paypal // $360 BC
    Second Place : $150 Paypal // $270 BC
    Third Place : $60 Paypal // $120 BC

    We have fixed some bugs with minions. We will be having updates to minions throughout this season.

    Skyblock Improvements
    There have been several changed to the Skyblock Plugin. Island level methods have been improved for better server stability. Minor changes were made to island coop, island settings, & blockstackers.

    Our territories system will allow Islands to fight for victory! Players will be able to capture the territory by standing in a square for 5 minutes, and while captured, all island members will receive perks!

    We've also got a ton of smaller changes that are coming too!
    • We'll be resorting back to Stacked Spawners, as it seems like that's preferred.
    • We'll be redoing the economy, and taking player feedback into account.
    • Island Ore Generators have now been added.
    • Jobs and Achievements have been tweaked.
    • Rules will be changed.
    • Updated crate rewards.
    • New seasonal spawn design.

    Make sure to be in game ready for release on Friday, September 20, 2019!

    2PM PST | 3PM MST | 4PM CST | 5PM EST | 10PM GMT
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