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    ArcadeWars Skyblock Conduct

    (Last Updated : 11-12-18)

    These rules are specific to all skyblock related servers apart of ArcadeWars.
    These rules DO NOT apply to Factions. Factions rules can be found here.

    This rules list contains all the basic & advanced rules. The Administration Team and higher reserve the right to issue punishments against offenses that are not listed on this thread, or to modify the type or length of any punishment, if it is deemed necessary.

    Be nice and play fair. Toxicity will be dealt with accordingly. Make sure to report players if you seem them breaking any sort of rules stated bellow.

    All decisions made by staff are final. Remember, any punishment can be appealed. If you feel a specific staff member or punishment is unfair, contact a member apart of the Administration Team about it.

    Conditions for moving to the next level of a punishment are such: warnings apply for twenty-four hours, mutes apply for twenty-four hours, and bans are permanent.​

    Major Offenses

    IP Advertising
    [] Permanent Ban

    Sharing any type of IP address in any in-game chat. This also includes any type of Third Party link.

    Exploiting & Abusing Bugs
    [] 30 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Using any bug, dupe, or exploit for your personal gain. This also includes sharing information about an exploit to other players without letting the Administration Team know. Intentionally causing lag falls under this rule also.

    Real-Life Scamming
    [] Permanent Ban

    Cheating someone out of real-life money via the ArcadeWars store: promising someone you’ll give them something in-game for them to buy you something on the store, and then not handing what you owe in-game after the purchase was completed. To avoid scamming on either side, use a middleman or make sure to be recording.

    Using Blacklisted Modifications (Hacking)
    [] 15 Day Ban [] 30 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban [You may appeal]

    Using any of the modifications listed as disallowed here. Remember, it’s up to the discretion of our staff to whether a hacked client is in use, however, all staff below administrator must have proof of a ban.

    Third Party Trading
    [] 15 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Offering deals or trades for anything which is not directly related to ArcadeWars. This includes selling or trading Minecraft accounts.

    Inappropriate Usernames & Skins
    [] Permanent Ban (Appeal once changed)

    Having a username or skin which directly violates a rule of conduct listed here or is deemed inappropriate by staff. Appeal as soon as the skin or username is changed. A name which is extremely similar to a staff username falls under this category. (Example: Triggnysta)

    Leaking Information
    [] 15 Day Ban [] 30 Day Ban

    Leaking real life information from doxing another user. Leaking a player’s IRL first name in chat by accident isn’t punishable.

    Ban Evasion
    [] 15 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban []

    Logging onto Arcadewars whilst having an account banned already. If the original ban is 15 days or longer, skip straight to permanent ban.

    Unfair Usage of Alternate Accounts:
    [] 15 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Using an alternate account to your advantage in order to obtain a higher level, more items, or any sort of benefit in the game. If you’re not sure whether a specific usage of an alternate account is allowed, ask a staff member.
    This also includes having 7 or more TOTAL ACCOUNTS online at one time.

    [] 3 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Threatening anyone in any way. This includes, but isn’t limited to, “pay me $10000 or I’ll kill you irl”, “I'm Ddos you”. This also includes graphically encouraging other players to harm themselves in any way.

    Racism, Discrimination, and Harassment:
    [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 24 Hour Mute

    Harassing another person or making inappropriate (Vulgar) remarks. This is generally left up to the discretion of the Staff Member online at the time.

    Disrespect and Inappropriate Behavior:
    [] Warning [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 3 Day Mute

    - Disrespecting another person in any way. Even if we have different identities, remember, we’re all people. We don’t want to make any players feel uncomfortable.

    In-Game Scamming:
    Moderate - [] 1 Hour Ban [] 1 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban
    Severe - [] 7 Day Ban [] 15 Day Ban [] 30 Day Ban

    The player who is scamming will have there items removed. The player who is being scammed will have there items given back.

    Minor Offenses

    Command Spam:
    [] 1 Hour Ban [] 1 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    Spamming commands such as /tpa, /msg, /g, etc. 4+ messages count as disallowed.

    [] 1 Hour Ban [] 1 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    Trapping and killing users via teleport, warp or another way of transport.

    Encouraging Rule Breaking:
    [] Warning [] 15 Minute Mute [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute

    Encouraging other players to break rules of any type, whether Global Rules or server Specific Rules.

    Mute Evasion:
    [] 1 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban []

    Evading your mute in the chat with another account, resetting your join message to evade the mute, or by somehow bypassing the mute to talk in any globally seen chat. While muted, you may talk in: private message, guild chat, party chat, signs, or directly to a staff member.

    Unrelated Links & Social Media Advertisement:
    [] 1 Hour Mute [] 1 Day Mute [] 7 Day Mute

    Posting links unrelated to ArcadeWars or advertising your social media accounts.

    Light Server Advertisement:
    [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 1 Day Mute

    Discussing about another servers name. "Lets go play Bedwars" is allowed however as it does not state a server name, only the gamemode.

    Excessive Swearing:
    [] Warning [] 15 Minute Mute [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 1 Day Mute []

    Using three or more swear words in one message, or bypassing a swear word in the filter. Do not mute evade this punishment.
    Spamming/Flooding Chat:
    [] Warning [] 15 Minute Mute [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 1 Day Mute

    Spamming global chat in any way. Spam is sending 5 or more short messages in a short amount of time, usually about 10 or less seconds.
    Flooding global chat is using 10+ random and/or same characters in a message. Ex: Heyyyyyyyyyyy
    Using a join message to spam chat, or spamming chat with alternate accounts falls under this rule.

    Staff Impersonation:
    [] Verbal Warning [] Warning [] 1 Day Mute [] 7 Day Mute

    Impersonating a staff member with your mannerisms & behavior. Having a similar IGN as a staff member falls under Inappropriate Usernames. This section can be found further up in this thread.

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