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Discussion in 'Rules' started by Junexau, Mar 27, 2019.

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    ArcadeWars Skyblock Conduct
    (Last Updated : 8-20-21)

    These rules are specific to all Skyblock related servers apart of ArcadeWars and are meant to be followed in addition to the general server rules which can be found here.

    Be nice and play fair. Toxicity will be dealt with accordingly. Make sure to report players if you see them breaking any sort of rules stated below.

    All decisions made by staff are final. Remember, any punishment can be appealed. If you feel a specific staff member or punishment is unfair, contact a member of the Administration Team about it.

    Conditions for moving to the next level of a punishment are such: warnings apply for twenty-four hours, mutes apply for twenty-four hours, bans are permanent. Island strikes last for the remainder of the season. Some more severe offenses can lead to island strikes.


    Island Merging
    1. 7 Day Ban
    2. 30 Day Ban
    3. Permanent Ban
    Merging with another island in order to gain island levels or spawners. Islands caught merging will be disqualified and owners of these islands will receive a ban. This includes one team having multiple islands all contributing to a main island. Value may also be removed and offending islands deleted if necessary. If you are competing for island top and wish to join another island you may not bring any items of value. This also includes ingame currencies.

    Malicious use of alternate accounts
    1. 3 Day Ban
    2. 7 Day Ban
    3. Permanent Ban
    Using an alternate account to lag the server. If you’re not sure whether a specific usage of an alternate account is allowed, ask a staff member. The Alt Limit is currently set at 20 Alts Per Island. If you are caught with more, you will be punished.

    In-Game Scamming
    1. 1 Day Ban
    2. 7 Day Ban
    Scamming a player for in-game items with in-game items.
    If caught with sufficient evidence, the transaction will be reverted to its initial state and neither party will lose/gain items.

    1. 15 Day
    2. 30 Day
    3. Permanent Ban
    Stealing items from another player's island. This includes griefing the island. If items are found/returned the player will be punished for 15 days, if the items were NOT found/returned then the punishment will be automatically 30 days.
    If caught with sufficient evidence, the items will be reverted to its initial state and neither party will lose/gain items.
    Note: Anything that has been bought to benefit the island is now apart of the island.

    1. 1 Hour Ban
    2. 1 Day Ban
    3. 7 Day Ban
    Trapping and killing players via teleport, warp or another form of transport.
    This includes trying to tpa players into the pvp zone.
    Example: Standing on the edge of spawn to try and force a player to fall into pvp.

    Scripting, Macro, Automation

    Redstone farming and sell bots are not allowed. Refer to the General Rules section on "Unfair Advantage / Hacked Client."

    Auction House/Printer Abuse
    1. 1 Day Ban
    2. 7 Day Ban
    3. Permanent Ban
    Player using printer on four or more accounts at the same time which means that you can only use your main and 2 alts at the same time for printer. This rule also covers the use of the auction house which you can only use your main account for and no alts as a means of extending a player's inventory for use with printer. The auction house is not to be used to aid the use of printers in any way.

    Inappropriate Builds
    1. 1 Day Ban
    2. 3 Day Ban
    3. 7 Day Ban
    Building structures on your island that display any sort of inappropriate content or have underlying discriminatory or disrespectful symbolism is allowed under the only condition that your island remain LOCKED AT ALL TIMES. If you are found with one of these builds at any point where your island is not locked, a punishment will occur.

    Island Border Glitching
    1. 3 Day Ban
    2. 7 day Ban
    3. 30 day Ban
    Glitching out of your island border and spying on other players islands.

    Auto Farms
    1. 3 Hour Ban
    2. 1 Day Ban
    3. 3 Day Ban

    This is any farm that uses redstone to automate farming of any crop or item.

    *Players caught repeatedly breaking rules will be permanently banned from the server. Players caught repeatedly attempting to break rules by pushing limits will be punished according to the rule(s) that they are trying to push/break.

    **No staff ranks (Helper, Mod, Sr.Mod) are exempt from any rule set forth by ArcadeWars, If you feel that a staff member has violated a rule, please message an Operator to report the incident.

    ***The Management Team (Admin+) reserves the right to adjust punishment types and lengths for any punishment listed on this page and for any other rule set forth by ArcadeWars, including but not limited to global rules and universe specific rules. The Management Team also reserves the right to grant punishments for rules that are not explicitly stated within the global rules and universe specific rules.
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