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Sonic Map 8

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    In this new update, we have reverted to a setup that is liked by everyone. We've been listening to the community and what you guys have had in mind for the server. With that being said let’s get into the details of this new map!
    Here are a few of the small changes that we have implemented:​
    • Minions
    • Improved stability​
    • New Monthly Crate​
    • Reverted to stacked spawners​
    • Added BlockStackers​
    • Territories​
    • Island Auction​
    • Shards & Jobs​
    • Updated Quests​
    • Pvp Ranks​
    In this map, we will be having both Paypal & Buycraft payouts. This season, we will not be doing island strikes. Instead, we will be disqualifying the islands that have broken the rules for that weeks payout. Remember, we will be keeping a very close eye on everyone.

    We are giving out $450 Paypal & $750 Buycraft in the span of 6 weeks to the top 3 islands, as you can see the prizes that are shown below.

    Total Payout
    First Place : $240 Paypal // $360 BC
    Second Place : $150 Paypal // $270 BC
    Third Place : $60 Paypal // $120 BC

    We've employed these pesky little buggers to help all our players with chores around their Island! You'll be able to set their chore, name, item, and even their clothing.

    Island Auction
    From now on, you will be able to Auction your Island off to the rest of the server! This will function in the exact same way our AuctionHouse does. Only owners will be able to list their Island on the Auction! Once an island is successfully auctioned, all members of that Island will be removed and the buyer will be given ownership.

    Kit Preview
    Each kit can now be previewed from spawn.

    Our territories system will allow Islands to fight for victory! Players will be able to capture the territory by standing in a square for 5 minutes, and while captured, all island members will receive perks!

    Jobs are specific tasks like mining, woodcutting, or farming that players can complete to receive a currency called shards which can be used in the /shardshop. Every time a job is completed, it gives separate ‘job experience’ - 1 to 15 job exp per each action. Every 50 exp gained, players level up. Every level, players receive a shard, which goes into their “Shards” balance on the sidebar.

    What is in /shardshop?​
    • Mob/Crop/Ore Hoppers​
    • Omnitool​
    • Pvp Omnitool​
    • Island Upgrade Tokens​
    • Fly​
    • Fastplace​
    • Deep Storage Unit​
    • Craft Wands [1000 Uses]​
    • Sell Wands [1000 Uses]​
    • DSU Sell Wands [1000 Uses]​
    Deep Storage Units
    Deep storage units can be used with hoppers and have practically infinite storage for the item of your choosing, so no more laggy islands with too many chests or farms with not enough chests. Once you choose your target item for the DSU, you can click stacks of that item in your inventory to add to the contents, as well as take stacks out. DSUs are also compatible with sell wands and can be dyed any color of your choosing. Some patches have been made to fix previous season bugs with DSUs.

    You'll now be able to stack blocks on your island, this will save you both space, and time. It will contribute to the Island Top Balance too! To do this, simply go into /blockstacker, and place the blocks you wish to Stack. To add blocks to the stack, simply place that same block type beside it.

    We've also got a ton of smaller changes that are coming too!​
    • We'll be resorting back to Stacked Spawners, as it seems like that's preferred.​
    • We'll be redoing the economy, and taking player feedback into account.​
    • Jobs and Achievements have been tweaked.​
    • You'll now be able to use /printer too.​
    • Updated crate rewards.​
    • Brand new SPAWN!!!

    Make sure to be in game ready for release on the Saturday, August 3, 2019!

    12PM PST | 1PM MST | 2PM CST | 3PM EST | 8PM GMT​
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