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Discussion in 'Factions Discussion' started by Ira_de_Malitia, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. Ira_de_Malitia

    Writing this because saw some others like this and I thought "Why not, I was arrogant back then, wonder how many people actually knew me". This is my original AW forum account (yay for not having to login with email). Final username was CrypticPVPSkrub. Last logged onto my minecraft account (and server) in October 2017, and started on the server on April 18, 2017.

    To summarise my personality before going onto the story, for whoever cares (i.e. no one), I was one of those kids who thought that they were too smart for their own good, great at PVP (proven trash when the mario players came to metroid) and funny, whilst being completely oblivious to my surroundings, a pathological liar (thankfully no longer the case) and trusting everything I read off the internet (cue being called racist on mentioning someone on yahoo answer's sexual preferences). And if you said that I was mature for my age, I'd immediately want to be your friend. And we can't leave out how I thought saying that I had no friends made me a cool loner - R.I.P. when I was confronted by a friend who read it. 'Course now I know that I'm not smart (hence why school exists) and trash at PVP, but shame on me if I can't make you at least twitch a smile whilst reading this thread.

    With that out of the way, onto the actual recollection of events. Personally don't think my story is very interesting, so I'll pick out parts and discard the rest. Like others, I found the server from it being advertised on youtube by it's owner at the time, and proceeded to play on Skyblock for a month or so. Somewhere along the way I decided to get one of those modded clients that was basically tailored to cheating (flight, kill aura, b-hops etc), and see how long it would take to get banned on factions. Lo and behold, I got banned like a month later and appealed to get unbanned (scrolled through my account's threads, banned for a Hacked client by Human_34 on June 22, 2017, and damn from looking through my staff applications and crap, I was a snarky brat, and have no clue where I learnt a Shakespeare quote).

    But during this time (before I stopped using the client), I ran a solo faction on Metroid, and got requested by another player (TankerMkd, Supernova faction) to kill someone that they were allied/truced with (AcharouiOG, currently going by WoopItsYasin), but their wifi decided to die (i.e. they froze) so I didn't even use the client to kill them. So I kept their set (iirc it was stuff-back PVP, so that was crappy of me to do, sorry), but later on he killed me in stuff-back PVP and get my set, so he got his revenge. As for the mystery of what happened with his set, I came across a Supernova claimed land and told the faction members online, who teleported to me and then killed me (stupid of me to let them tp). Thankfully, Pig (Supernova's leader) was cool - let me into his faction to try and help me get the set back, though the killer wen't inactive, so I never got it back but was able to meet great people and use their grinders to make a new set. Somewhere along the way, I considered AcharouiOG/Yasin a friend and then when he tried having me inside supernova (they became enemies), I was stuck between the chill leader and a friend, so instead I tried to make it appear that I was insiding to him without actually insiding - I have no clue whether that was successful.

    Eventually, moved onto Night, which was the new best faction on metroid (if memory serves, not sure if the mario players that came over surpassed them) and that I was on friendly terms with their leader whilst in Supernova. Stuff happened, allied factions went enemies, etc just a bunch of drama really. Metroid was getting stale, so tried out Pacman. Went through three factions (in no order), one w/ a friend who was in Night, one w/ friends from Supernova and one faction that was one of the top, with the 36 year old leader that liked Vegeta from Dragonball, who I unknowingly befriended whilst on Metroid and then forgot about (though they remembered me). Highlight of this period was when I was in one of my friend's vaults (or faction storage place), and accidently turned into a pacman for the first time and ate half the chests and a bunch of walls. Sorry luke!

    And apparently I also spent some time on Mario, because when I decided to try it out after Pacman, I was already in a faction (which I left and was then apparently thought of as insiding? Seems that way from a conversation on my old forum accounts profile page).

    Then the merge of the servers came, and I suddenly went from Parasite (metroid rank 2) to Mario (highest rank at the time, which was cool). Cue the fact that we were blatantly being insided by some dude who thought speaking eloquently would be enough to trick us that it wasn't him - though I never stayed to deal with them. Also managed to kill MuckingFuppet, which was my prized achievement - despite using better gear than him. And I decided to low-key flex the fact that we found a mending villager in the wild, and traded mending books (either with Human_34 or ThePieMan, not sure which) to answer a stupid question, because I couldn't think of a good one. Then I stopped abruptly stopped playing sometime in October 2017 (without notice), and stopped using the forum, discord and my emails associated with this period. Sorry to those I had plans with at the time, I've contacted 5 people to explain, but if I missed you and you want a reason, feel free to send me a conversation message, I check my email frequently.

    ... And now I realise that I forgot to include jokes! Damn it. Besides that, Arcadewars was a fun period for me. Cheers to the staff that put up with my miserable staff applications and arguing about why my age didn't matter.

    Nostalgia sure is somethin'. Wasn't expecting the server to still be up nearly 3 years later, but here it is, waving from the distance. If it's still up in another 3 years, I'll consider joining back :p

    And who remembers me?
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  2. xAdmins

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    Got a lot of nostalgia for skyblocky when I joined arcadewars again after a 2 year hiatus.
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  3. Ira_de_Malitia

    Yea, nostalgia is both good and bad in that even though the memories may be great, the fact that you can't go back to what everything once was also makes it sad in a bit. But that's life.

    Can't say I know what skyblocky is, unless that's another way to say skyblock.
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  4. Tyler14a

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    Its another server that merged with AW afaik, and totally agree abt the nostalgia. I also started playing AW in 2017 and came back just this season, but I really do miss "the good old days". Anyway I'm impressed either you have a stellar memory or you used your forums a ton back then to get that information back. Thanks for sharing
  5. Meep1403

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    None </3
    Thanks for sharing your story - it definitely made me think of when I first joined! ;)
  6. Ira_de_Malitia

    Yeah, even if I came back now, practically everyone I was intimate with has quit, either MC as whole or the server itself.

    As for my memory, that's terrible overall, I just remember some key/funny things. I forgot Yasin's actual username (I remembered the start and end, and some personal information, which allowed me to find out that they were the same person), and the date of when I got banned. Remembered the dates for joining and quitting based off stuff that happened IRL at the time that made it distinguishable from other periods in my life.

    I do guess I kinda cheated because I reflected on this period a few times before (literally at least once a year), so that probably explains why the other memories are pretty strong.

    Np for sharing, thanks for replying!
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    Np, thanks for replying.

    Though whether you should be thanking me for sharing the nostalgia is debatable. :p