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Suggestion: Next factions reset spawn

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Dunlapians, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Dunlapians

    Dunlapians Novice Gamer

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    Good day to you all :D. I would like to suggest bringing back the "OG" Mario spawn some you are bringing back the old IG eco. I am sure myself and many other long time players would love to see that old Fun spawn come back or something like it.
    I would also like to suggest bringing back (Prize drop spawners). It was so fun having prizedrop spawners and it will most likely result in more factions and players venturing into the warzone. It would also be fun for the more long time arcadewara players, such as myself, to see these fun things come back.
    One last thing from old Mario I would like to see come back is the addition of (/warp wild) to come back. I loved having a wilderness type area where I could pvp. The only thing I would change from before is extending warzone farther than it was before sice many of us "OG" players remember derps being one pearl away. Thank you for your time and I hope these things can be implemented into the game .

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    I feel it would make the server more fun and enjoyable for all players.
  2. CowGoesMooo

    CowGoesMooo Novice Gamer

    +1 I agree with this a lot. Prize drops must be added back in, along with /warp wild. Right now, half the time I get on the server, there isn’t anyone in pvp or the only people in pvp are nakeds. There should be at least 1 special thing for the war zone, preferably more. What Mario spawn are you talking about anyways? The season 2 one, or season 1?
  3. Pigs

    Pigs Noob

    I remember all of those things and I also would like them to add them again. I hope they are s2 spawn. They should also add those upgrade egg things. +1