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Suggestions Guide

Discussion in 'Factions Suggestions' started by Junexau, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Suggestions Guide

    Have a suggestion for Arcade Wars? Tell us here!


    - Use sophisticated grammar and language in your suggestion form so that we can understand your ideas.

    - Keep your suggestions mature, put effort into your writing. Making useless threads is punishable and is an inconvenience to the staff member reviewing other player’s suggestions.

    - Explain your suggestions in detail. Using only a few simple words is usually not enough to describe what you’re thinking.

    Suggestions Process:

    Pending - Your suggestion is being considered by the administration.
    Denied - The suggestion you submitted is already in effect or the administration team doesn’t feel that your idea was a good fit for Arcade Wars.
    Archived - Congrats! You should expect to see your idea implemented soon!


    What is the name of your suggestion? - A few simple words to describe your suggestion.
    What is your Minecraft username? - Your in-game name.
    What universe is this suggestion for? - Select where you want your suggestion to be implemented
    What is your suggestion? - Be sure to describe your suggestion in detail.
    How would this affect the current state of Arcade Wars? - In your eyes, how do you think that this idea would benefit Arcade Wars?

    Have any questions? Feel free to message a staff member!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.