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TheEnderCrew Recruitment

Discussion in 'Mario Universe' started by Moxvallix, May 2, 2019.

  1. Moxvallix

    Moxvallix Noob

    Hi all, TheEnderCrew is opening up its doors.

    We are a not one of the big factions, but we do have 2 IGs, 7 SFishes and 1 Vil in spawners. We are pretty chill about whatever you wanna do in the faction, just try not to blow everything up or mine the spawners. From the point of this post, our faction will be set to open and can be joined by doing "/f join TheEnderCrew" (as most will know).

    Here is the faction hierarchy:
    Leader: Moxvallix (Me)
    Officers: Quanaber, Smadels.
    Members: Once you have joined the faction, message one of us in a pm to be promoted to member.

    Once you are in, here is some useful info:
    "/f home" will take you into the dropper (might be changed later).

    F WARPS:
    main: main area.
    top: top of the dropper.

    At the moment, we are focusing on wall generation. If you would like to help out, genning some sand walls would be great. Pm us for more info.

    P.S. In the unlikely event of us winning FTOP, we'll try to fairly distribute the prize (which might mean I buy all the members something from the store, IDK).
    P.P.S. If I get faction members complaining to me about things, I am not afraid to complain to them about complaining to me. ;)

    Also, here's a faction discord because whatever: