Staff Application FAQ

Hello there Arcaders!

I’m aware that many of you have been asking when the staff applications is gonna be added and how to apply, so on this thread I’ll tell you all how it works! Make sure to read through all of it so you’re sure that you are holding the requirements for applying

Minimum Requirements
Please make sure you meet the requirements before applying for staff, or you’ll risk being denied.

  • Skype and Teamspeak – Skype is needed for contact and Teamspeak is needed for meetings
  • You need at least 300 words in your application
  • Have a clean record (do not have any mutes or bans the last month, warns is excluded)
  • If you have been denied within the last month, do not reapply. This will end up in auto-deny

Applying for Trainee

  1. Before you are able to apply, make sure to sync your account with /syncaccount in-game
  2. Now you can go to and check if everything is ok (UUID and username), if that is right, you can go ahead and apply, if not; resync your account
  3. Respond to every question on the application truthfully, do not lie. We also check if you copy any other applications
  4. Complete the application by proving you’re not a robot, and you’re ready to submit
  • If approved, you’ll be contacted by me on Skype
  • If denied, you’ll receive a email with information on why you got denied, and how to make your application better if you want to apply again after 30 days

Never ask any staff members to look at your application, this will result in a instant deny of your application!

If you got any further questions, you can contact me on the forums whenever and I’ll respond as fast as I can!


Hey there Arcaders!

Today is the release of the ArcadeWars server, which will be amazing! I’ll be your Community Manager or Director!

Note that the server is in beta and that all bugs etc. will be fixed. There are also some features that haven’t been added yet that we will be adding shortly after release.

ArcadeWars is a server with 3 faction servers which is all themed for each their amazing game. The 3 faction gamemodes we have now are Mario, Pacman and Metroid.

Notable features on the server are:
– Auctions (/ah)
– Envoys
– Mob Stacking
– Gambling Bar
– /shop
– /tntfill
– /tntcraft
– /ftop
– /withdraw
– 7 second combat timer
– 10 second enderpearl timer
– No Withers
– No Gapples / Hopper crafting

We will also be adding Custom Enchants shortly after release. After all features are added and bug-free, we will add even more new features!

The server is also playable from 1.7 to 1.11, which means you can use anything between that to join the server! The map is 1.7 too.

World Borders:
– Overworld: 20k
– Nether: 10k
– The End: 10k

Keep on following the website for more updates or changelogs to see what is fixed and/or added to the Network!

If you have any questions, you can post a thread under the Help section on the website, and a staff member should help you shortly! 🙂

Thanks for reading, Arcaders! I’ll see you soon!

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